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Example sentences for retailing

It has limited the spread of big-box retailing and works to retain locally owned retail, such as village stores.
But the range of retailing ideas in any given town was rarely that great.
Little more than a decade ago, neon was considered a visual vagrant, synonymous with tacky retailing and seamy night life.
It was going to take over the media, travel, and auto-retailing businesses.
Except in big cities near the coast, conventional retailing is fragmented and underdeveloped.
Self-service is on the rise in industries from retailing and entertainment to travel and telecommunications.
The property market's distortions feed through to other sectors, such as retailing.
The car-dealership industry, where online-only retailing was prohibited by law, did not lose jobs.
It is in retailing clones that the big money is likely to be made.
The past few weeks have seen conditions in retailing worsen alarmingly, however.
They grumble that fine talk of opening up retailing and other industries leads to no action.
As a result some industries, especially labour-intensive ones such as retailing, stay fragmented and inefficient.
It includes industries such as financial services as well as online retailing, beauty, clothing and prepared foods.
Cyclical industries such as retailing and food manufacturing may also see lots of mergers and takeovers.
Neighborhood deprivation and access to fast-food retailing: a national study.
The shift to modern food retailing has no singular path.
If you have not changed retailing locations, you do not have to re-apply for the license.
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