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Retail companies with one or more establishments that sell merchandise and related services to final consumers.
The latest buzz in the retail industry isn't about hemlines or projections of holiday sales.
However offering credit for work experience in a retail store is hardly college-level work.
As stores close, the industry loses much more than a retail outlet.
Drugmakers and retail chains offer meds at bargain prices.
He was arrested and charged with retail theft and public drunkenness.
Bare-root plants are sold in late winter and early spring by retail nurseries and mail-order companies.
E-reader makers are expanding their retail tentacles.
The first two floors will be used for retail purposes.
Time to stop badmouthing hospitality and retail jobs.
Retail sales, producer prices, wages and exchange rates.
His owners are either retired or work in construction, catering, or retail.
Some retail corporations are reportedly considering whether to require companies in their supply chain to post such data.
Shover received the felony charge as this was his fifth retail theft offense.
But customer interest convinced them there was a need for a retail native plant nursery.
The major focus of this first generation device is at retail and in bars and hotels.
For starters, high-crime areas tend to have difficulty attracting retail businesses.
But the integration of the other retail giant went badly.
Gifting is going to be a big part of social retail experience.
Their place is tucked back between two-story retail buildings.
If past product launches are any guide, the company will continue to restock its retail locations daily.
Whether retail investors understand this is not clear.
Or you can contact the following for retail sources.
Both the main gallery and the smaller indoor retail space are extensively decorated.
The upside is that there seems to be a lot of slick tech stuff that goes for far, far, below the retail.
They are similar to retail management which requires no degree.
Winner will not receive difference between actual and approximate retail value.
The world of brick-and-mortal retail looks to be in fine shape, which should be a big boost for everyone in the music business.
While there has been a big slump recently in the retail price of sugar, the price at refineries has not dropped.
First, retail fund managers compete on past performance rather than price.
Today, she is more likely to be stuck in traffic, her periphery dominated by super-sized retail stores.
Many different ways exist to do even something as uninspiring as writing software to manage a retail inventory.
In real terms, the rise in retail sales last year was the biggest for over two decades.
Most of these people ended up working retail to make ends meet, while they looked for a student affairs job.
Instead, the two retail models could eventually become indistinguishable.
The commissioners are busily working out where to draw the line dividing retail banking from the riskier kind.
We don't actually have any retail rights on this project.
The majority of this activity is by foreigners, rich individuals and retail investors.
He has ended up having a lot of fun working in retail and is still there.
She has worked as an accountant, after-school director and retail manager in various locations.
When the retail pie is so small to begin with, those slices are going to send us all to bed mighty hungry.
Retail drip irrigation systems may become clogged with small particles in the grey water, so they may not be a good choice.
Take the job at the restaurant or retail outlet or a call center.
Most players today grew up brandishing a retail version of the glove they flash in the big leagues.
In retail, too, paying for space hasn't necessarily hindered innovation.
He buys and sells companies and bets on price spreads--the wholesale purchase price of companies against their future retail sale.
And the retail price of an average book is about four dollars.
Retail shops charge a hundred and thirty dollars a pound for it.
Former textile workers scurry to find fast-food and retail positions.
Retail sales, business investment, and exports have all come in higher than predicted.
Your typical poem really doesn't seem to pay much attention to the living retail customer.
Many vegetables and fruits are picked and into retail outlets in a matter of a few hours, or less.
Our largest employers are in retail, sales, and food service.
Rich people do spend a lot of money at the restaurants and retail stores that employ people with gender studies degrees.
Unemployment continues to rise, retail sales remain weak and external trade is still depressed.
It has trailed behind rivals that dedicate themselves either to investment banking or to retail, but not to both.
It promised investors that half its loans would be matched by retail deposits-a pledge it promptly ignored once rates moderated.
If you're still hooked up to the grid, traditional retail electricity can fill the gaps.
The grocery is in a weather-beaten building, the only retail business on what some might call the wrong side of the tracks.
See, the detergents will be diluted to minute proportions compared to the other retail brands, but sold at the same price.
Distributed electricity represents only retail electricity sales and does not include self-generation.
But it doesn't need to be present in retail goods packaging.
Retail sales is another growth industry in which wages are clustering more and more at the extremes.
In jobs from the retail floor to the developers' office, workers are losing the race against machines.
There needs to be a place at the table for all types of agricultural production, retail food access, and business opportunities.
Physical retailers add value by providing a retail experience.
Many heirloom varieties retail for as much as or more than the latest hybrids.
The bank, and its retail customers, will be unharmed.
She is pushing education in a retail way, out in places that too often get overlooked.
The pared-down redesign seems to favor search over browsing, and digital content over retail goods.
But there are certainly situations where you can buy phones retail and then sign up with an operator for the service.
Efficient online sales would widen the retail bottlenecks that arguably worked to the scalpers' advantage.
He is also moving his lashes and glue to the retail market.
Retail food availability, obesity, and cigarette smoking in rural communities.
Retail, custodial, or other staff volunteers can be recruited for this effort.
Instructions for completing a retail dealer license application.

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