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Experts now believe a concentrated breeding program could resurrect the species.
If you believe in him enough to resurrect him at all, then surely you must accept that he's still alive.
If you think he's a myth, it would be difficult to resurrect him at all.
They want to drive us out of here and then resurrect a dictatorship of one kind or another.
So get a load of this and, seriously, they got to resurrect this idea.
It will neither resurrect the past nor return me to it.
Politicians, even those who hold views antipathetic to his own, resurrect his memory in their speeches.
The protectionist attempt to resurrect the neighborhood as a cultural unit only supports this bureaucratic imperialism.
For similar reasons, it would be futile to resurrect the rhetoric of early-twentieth-century social democracy.
If he was smart, he would put himself in rehab and get well and healthy and try to resurrect his career.
Then it realised reform was essential and decided to resurrect an internal market within the health service.
The government says it will try to find ways to resurrect it.
Muddling through by trying to resurrect a failed banking system, which will likely fail again, is not the answer.
Now here is a guy who wants to resurrect it because he spotted some spurious correlations.
As prime minister, he may be able to try to resurrect some of these ideas.
He was trying to resurrect what had suddenly become a ghost world.
But they've chosen to leave their crews and take up honest, blue-collar trades that often resurrect their lives.
We need to resurrect and hear him again, not for his sake but for ours.
To test her idea, all she had to do was to resurrect a dead virus.
Once they sense the presence of sufficient nutrients--a sort of bacterial all's-well signal--they resurrect themselves.
The current effort isn't the first attempt to resurrect the ancient cattle.
The similarities between woolly mammoths and elephants suggests a way to resurrect the extinct species.
They think that is what is going to resurrect her, so they coordinate the moment.
The current effort isn't the first attempt to resurrect the ancient cattle.
He also seems bent on trying to resurrect his reputation.
Once a domain is deleted, the entire registration process must be initiated in order to resurrect that domain.
As such, they resurrect old questions about our ability to meet economic and environmental objectives.

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