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But scientists say gene therapy may be on the edge of a resurgence.
Fears that the fragile peace process could be destroyed by a resurgence of violence are nothing new.
In the decade that followed, the lab mouse had a sudden and dramatic resurgence that continues today.
Central to this resurgence of religious partisanship was the call for the faith-based values that secularism had displaced.
But ironically, thalidomide has recently seen resurgence on a limited scale as a therapy for multiple myeloma, a deadly disease.
Its political resurgence will be followed by a cultural resurgence.
But the latest spike in fuel prices has pedal-started a moped resurgence.
Yet breaking survives and, with the thankful resurgence of conscientious hip-hop, is increasing in momentum.
The need to feed and provide electricity for growing populations has brought about a resurgence in big dam building.
The resurgence of tablets has given rise to chatter that tablets could mean the end of the road for e-readers.
Other sectors have lost some of their former glory, but still hold the potential for a new resurgence.
The resurgence is a sign of human tolerance and nature's resilience.
Today there's a resurgence of interest in this dangerous ritual.
The prospect of a global resurgence is concentrating minds.
Resurgence of large dams threatens tribal people worldwide, report says.
Apple's stores sell lots of inventory, and are a big part of the company's resurgence.
They were exploring some deep tunnels near the resurgence when high water trapped them at their underground camp.
The new site bounces onto the scene as dance undergoes an undeniable resurgence in pop culture.
But, for all that, there are good reasons for taking the resurgence of populism seriously.
One of the voices chronicling the resurgence of high tech may soon be silenced.
He is the brains and the spirit behind its resurgence.
Dam building has experienced a resurgence, while at the same time a dam removal movement is gaining momentum in some areas.
Many economists were worried at the time that rate cuts would reinforce an improbable resurgence of inflation.
There will be a resurgence of financial folly, which always flourishes given a chance.
Focusing effort on one of these strains often led to the resurgence of another.
Take a closer look at this resurgence, however, and the picture becomes more complicated.
But amid these sagging performances, television appears to be experiencing a resurgence in a surprising place: sports programming.
Its resurgence is simply phenomenal and extremely impressive.

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