resurface in a sentence

Example sentences for resurface

The ruins of an ancient village submerged by the construction of a hydroelectric dam resurface when lake levels are low.
As colonial powers withdrew from the continent, they often left a power vacuum that allowed old tribal conflicts to resurface.
One would go completely under and resurface to lock tusks with the other guy.
Furthermore, insects routinely sink below water's surface due to rain or turbulence, but always manage to resurface.
Supporters are optimistic that the bill in one form or another could resurface in future legislative sessions.
It's funny how particular game seems to resurface at different times.
Or perhaps political instability, a perennial wild card, will resurface and skew the economics of the industry once again.
If growth does not persist then doubts about the sustainability of debt will continue to resurface at short intervals.
That's his deepest instinct, and some version of it will resurface before long.
Although that legislation died in committee, it will probably resurface again this year.
Crews are preparing to resurface a long stretch of the highway that has been plagued by potholes.
It is time for them to resurface and provide some answers.
Spreads, finishes and seals asphalt in order to resurface streets.
Samantha's evil twin also starts turning up in the mirror, a sure indication that the past is ready to resurface.
In some paintings, monuments of postwar abstract art resurface in fossilized form.
Stocks plunge anew as recession worries resurface.
Knocks that follow a player during his college career usually resurface in the pros.
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