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Example sentences for resumption

But it's certainly too soon to call this the resumption of a trend.
Many will be lost with the resumption of the dam project, which is expected to inundate a third of the ancient city.
Our impression was that he feared the resumption of bombing might well put us on the slippery slide.
Partly because of the likelihood of resumption of the air war, cities are not being reconstructed and factories remain dispersed.
It's not so much a reunion when you get together as a resumption.
Without a resumption of economic activity, not to say generous and rapid pay rises, people could become restless.
Unless action is taken to put it together again, bloodshed is likely, though not a resumption of actual war.
The airport should be reopened by the middle of the month, though no date has been set for the resumption of commercial flights.
The rain returns, harder than earlier, before the grounds crew had finished preparing the field for the resumption of play.
Routinely use or test recovery and resumption arrangements.

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