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Example sentences for resumé

The uranium pellets, now in close proximity, could begin exchanging neutrons and resume their heat-producing nuclear reactions.
Yes, a curriculum vitae or resumé is required with your pre-application.
Go home, update you resumé and start looking for a different line of work.
The résumé looks much better with the addition of bullet points and the inclusion of relevant employment experience.
It would also know what you've been listening to and resume playing it when you get in the car.
Perhaps no proposal, though, is more controversial than one to resume the ivory trade.
The archaeologists will resume their work next summer.
It was an hour before the submarine was able to resume the chase.
After searching for hours, the pair decided to resume the next day.
Tracking exercises have shown that the sharks simply resume their normal cruising routes once they leave the boats.
With the reopening of the theatres, he did not resume the writing of plays, though several of his earlier works were revived.
We wake up for an instant, and immediately resume our sleep.
But after some months his innocence was cleared, and he was commanded to return and resume his former functions with honour.
Industry has sensed the changed order and our own people are turning to resume their normal, onward way.
But with the return of sunshine following a summer shower, they often resume patrolling and courting within minutes.
Bill's one of those folks with a resume that challenges credibility.
Spores allow bacteria to survive until more favorable conditions develop and the bacteria can resume their normal growth.
Anyone familiar with his resume would have responded the same way.
Even with a negative result, you can't convince me to resume eating gluten.
Shell now hopes that it might even resume oil production in the region.
Drilling is unlikely to resume amid the uncertainty.
The country has a long way to go before calm can resume or a stable new order emerge.
The mayor has told the owners to resume work on the structures, or they will face the same fate as the kiosks.
Though they have lately crept up again, they are likely to resume their fall.
The long-term unemployed pay close attention to the state of the job market and resume their job search in optimistic periods.
For proper negotiations to resume the central-bank and fiscal laws will probably have to be reopened.
If the resume is sloppy, you're not going to get interviewed for the job.
Ground tests have resumed, and flight tests may resume as early as next week.
He promised that it wouldn't be long before he could resume providing information, and getting it, too.
Instead, it was overhauled and is scheduled to resume service early this year.
On paper, he had that resume that translates to a presidential campaign.
Witnesses who cooperated were usually able to resume their careers.
Bill's resume is six and a half well-stocked pages long.
There's some confusion over when the two sides will resume talking.
Applicants must submit a current resume and a letter describing their relevant experience and interest in the position.
In order to resume economic growth, past debts will be devalued and new debts incurred.
It must reform its system of representation and resume its role as a credible lender during economic crises.
All the app has to do is stop the download and resume later.
The sub's robotic arm located the sponge and collected enough to resume the search for a cancer cure.
The dark patterns start in spring, fade in autumn and winter, and resume the following year.
Maybe a year before the evidence tips the balance and our nation can resume sanity.
If school were free, three-quarters of us would resume our education.
Haynes decided to anchor for the night and resume the move the next day, with the boats refueled.
The civil action is scheduled to resume a week after the criminal trial ends: new courtroom, same characters.
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