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Results are official totals from the state election authority.
The first-round results were not published in the official gazette, as the law requires.
Your results will also place you on a particular branch of the human family tree.
It will be months before the scientists publish the full results of their experiment.
We deliberately do not attempt any theoretical or phenomenological interpretation of the results.
Even legitimate researchers cut corners, and some worry that the lure of a great headline might be warping results.
The second flow results from the sun rotating faster at the equator than it does near the poles.
Check out the rest of the survey results to see where your favorite car stands.
The free app displays a feed of poll results from various poll-tracking web sites.
The results of the study were the first to be released publicly since controversy over the dam has grown this year.
The results of state elections are a mixed bag for colleges.
Study subject's recall bias about how much one had talked on their mobile device can sway results.
Sometimes voters handed their votes to election clerks for deposit, inviting further fiddling with the results.
Our tasters preferred the smoother texture that results from peeling the fruit.
The results are significant for a number of reasons.
If the head of a wheat or rice plant grows too big, the plant will fall over, with fatal results.
Check results after the first leaf and, if needed, use a pencil to retrace design directly onto pumpkin flesh.
Better design and context can clarify the results of blood tests.
But then what value one can make of all this will have to be evaluated with results.
They feed along the edges of leaves, which results in severe scalloping of foliage.
Critics say the companies, and consumers, are ill-prepared to interpret the results.
It's an intriguing idea, and her early results with rats and mice have been well received.
The larger the data sets, the more potential meaning can be derived and the better its search results become.
Alas, it's not going to present real-time election results.
Of clinical significance, using different pulse signals results in different image types.
One of the more depressing sections is the results of their latest survey of science literacy.
Those results are often a key factor in businesses' fortunes.
Of course, for every success story there are dozens of other examples where results have been less satisfying.
Bumps, potholes, even the heat of the day can change the results.
New methods are transforming past failures, and the results seem far more promising this go-round.
Results from a second experiment uphold the observation that neutrinos are moving faster than the speed of light.
Deferring the tanker bids might be the only way to eventually get un-protestable results.
In this video, you'll see how the system works, and what the results have been so far.
Resting a couple of hours in a salt-and-sugar liquid results in an exceptionally moist and succulent bird.
The results also show how quickly physical adaptations can be reversed when interbreeding occurs between distinct populations.
Today's machines with dough cycles give even better results.
There are legitimate reasons that the government might want to keep the results secret.
Different approaches in different countries have produced varying results.
The costs of complying with such regulations add up quickly, according to results of another study cited in the report.
The article fails to mention any liver damage that often results from a use of statins.
The online posting will appear first among job search results and be highlighted to ensure it stands out from other job ads.
Though results vary, the stem often dies back from the cut to the next growth bud.
But each time they have looked for it their results come up negative.
However, the real contribution of this paper isn't even these statistically significant results.
Therefore, entrance exams, placement exams and other standardized test results should be taken with a grain of salt.
Systemic, unambiguous support for public-engagement and recruitment efforts can yield impressive results.
The makeover took two years, but the couple is thrilled with the results.
They id as many as possible, emailing the results to you and/or posting them online with your picture.
Now the results of a new study indicate that these stresses can have serious consequences for doctors and patients alike.
Here's a quick way to cook asparagus with flavorful results.
Follow this simple formula to produce striking results in any garden, even without the golden hills nearby.
The results indicate that the cellular changes could predispose the prostate to disease in adulthood.
Some migraine sufferers may be at an increased risk for brain lesions, according to the results of a new study.
These results agree with previous work done with monkeys and healthy human volunteers.
Its results contradicted the anticipations both of those who advocated and of those who opposed it.
Note that publication of methods and results in a manner than they can be peer-reviewed is a critical component here.
Your results and the manner in which they were used by others were a direct result of a poorly planned process.
Puzzlingly, however, the results contradict other observations and do not fit with constraints deduced from astrophysics.
The results they got were exactly what one would expect in this case.
Although the results headings looked legit, clicking on the heading led to a junk site.
But then, as results showed, their counterparts in other countries were hardly star students.
To determine how much lime or sulfur to add, follow the advice included with your test results.
For best results, choose relatively small plants with healthy foliage.
Thanks heaven she finally got around to it: the results are wonderful.
For best results, the pan must be flat on the bottom and the batter swirled to the edge.
But how that is done yields radically different results, and therein lies a tale.
It may well disappoint us with it's mundane results but to have the truth would be priceless.
The study was conducted that spring and summer, the results collected in the fall.
Previous comparisons of two- versus four-legged walking have produced inconclusive results.
Moreover, the results showed dramatic variation depending on the teacher-training program.
For example, scrolling over results reveals a pop-up balloon in which you can glance at the contents before clicking.
For best results, keep oven door closed as much as possible during baking.
Using a pastry bag fitted with a piping tip results in cleaner lines of icing.
Combining them, according to tradition, results in the perfect marriage.
Nothing creates more misunderstanding of the results of scientific research than scientists' use of metaphors.
But to understand the structure is not necessarily to forgive the results.
If it is unconscious then he has nothing to say about how its encounter with a mind results in consciousness.
Science results from many things but that doesn't diminish the difference between scientific facts and those things.
He also has to get results that are substantively sound.
In both cases the results, aesthetically speaking, are highly agreeable.
Third, it ignores the gap between intentions and results.
Our choices are affected by unconscious preferences, our reflexes, and even local sports results.
There's been a rash of slightly odd and suggestive results as of late.
If the results hold up, physicists have some explaining to do.
Such results are clarifying how the brain transforms the intention to speak into the action of speaking.
For years, gene therapy produced tons of hype but no results.
The physicists set up a video camera and repeated the experiment--with the same explosive results.
Then all of them call in their results to a central phone exchange at once.
So far, her symptoms and test results hadn't given up any clues.
Search engines could soon make better use of your search history to fine-tune the results you see.
But election officials provide two lists--a list of codes corresponding to votes and a list of the results.
The results of the experiment, visualized using network graph software, are seen above.
Doctors use surprisingly low tech ways to keep track of patient information-sometimes with fatal results.
The authors of the study speculated that new processing algorithms would improve the test results.
The researchers then compared these results with those produced using traditional methods.
To be sure, these sites produce useful results for users which can dramatically increase sales for a merchant.
In two other cities, the results were promising but in totally different ways.
If there is not enough support for the land above the spaces, then the ground collapses and results in a sinkhole.
Moviegoers tended to watch the often dubious results with one eye closed and a slightly queasy feeling in their stomachs.
Now he broods on how it may occur, and envisions its results.
Results from clinical trials concerning ovarian cancer.
Results of clinical trials concerning prostate cancer.

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