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The resultant huge jolt of energy creates an extremely powerful magnetic field inside a coil in the machine's chamber.
We should judge him by this resultant, not by the blueprint of the future he holds before our eyes.
The resultant steam runs a turbine, and cold water drawn up from deep in the ocean condenses the steam to start the cycle again.
And the resultant meal still has to be leached of tannin.
The resultant salt mixture simultaneously works as a moderator, coolant, and fuel medium.
Bess's resultant downward spiral leads to a finale of both tragedy and spirituality.
The resultant corkscrew motion causes stumbles and staggers while you try to keep up.
The resultant fuel is cleaner than conventional, sulfur-free diesel.
Tests showed that the resultant semi-synthetic strains had apparently normal growth rates, colony appearance and gene expression.
Then, it uses the resultant steam to turn the same low-temperature turbines as those employed in nuclear reactors.
The modification and resultant atmosphere may well be as posited in the above article.
We can make no claim that this is resultant form global warming, cooling or whatever.
When you sum the two components, the resultant velocity may be slightly more than light speed.
After one becomes accustomed to the mechanism, one does not need to look at the hand but only at the resultant movement on screen.
Additional work may be requested from time to time, which shall be authorized by written change to the resultant agreement.

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