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Example sentences for restructuring

The culmination of the molecular paradigm in biology actually brings about a deep philosophical restructuring of the field.
Here restructuring one's environment or reframing one's choice situation can be helpful.
It cannot be addressed without restructuring our society.
Complete restructuring of the whole world financial system as it is dependent on eternal growth to survive, which is not possible.
That's what you do with corporate restructuring-it converts unsecured debt into equity.
The struggling media agency is in the midst of a major restructuring, including some heavy layoffs.
The reasons given at the time were for restructuring of the events including improvements to safety.
Usually that involved brutally restructuring or selling off pieces of the company.
Being prepared for electronic discovery requires a radical restructuring of the email mind-set.
We're not so much restructuring the health system as making one of its sectors much bigger.
The answer is that the transition requires a basic restructuring of business, labor, and government.
It's likely, though, that a simple restructuring of its own could avoid that.
My large, federal educational organization is undergoing some restructuring.
There are other reasons to consider all options for capital infusion and restructuring to become financially successful.
Students say their professors have also played a significant role in restructuring courses.
It seems that during a labor shortage rising wages result in downsizing, offshoring, and other forms of restructuring.
The absence of radical restructuring is explainable, say policy makers.
Needless to say, such a restructuring is going to be ugly.
Debt restructuring should be evaluated in this light.
The other involves debt restructuring, and perhaps temporarily abandoning the euro, with significant principal reduction.
The private-equity managers have little interest in restructuring the debt, since that would dilute their stakes.
The steel business has entered a period of restructuring amid a wave of consolidation by the world's biggest producers.
Companies will earn tax breaks and have some of their debt to the state forgiven in return for yet more restructuring.
Yet for the past two and a half years of court protection it has continued to churn out steel, with virtually no restructuring.
The sorrowful satchel was the mascot of a citizens' rebellion against a proposed school restructuring in the city-state.
Millions of jobs disappeared, home-loan defaults mounted and corporate restructuring made the workplace distinctly unsettling.
After all, investors buy securities that carry the risk of a similar restructuring today.
It may be able to reinvent itself through restructuring, but it will be anything but a snap.
The reincorporation also will result in restructuring of the capital stock.
We need a big plan for economic restructuring and nobody seems to know what that is yet.
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