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Example sentences for restructure

They will eventually restructure the electorate as they replace older voters attached to the other party.
Third, restructure eligibility requirements for need-based aid to make it available to certain subsets of the prison population.
The arrest instantly became a new focal point in the long-running debate about how to restructure scholarly publishing.
In my situation, a new dean came in and decided to restructure the college.
He never addresses the question of authority for such oversight, only his vision of how universities must restructure.
On top of all this, there are choices about how to consolidate, restructure and pay the debts.
With docile domestic investors and a network of friendly cross-shareholdings, there was little outside pressure to restructure.
It also wants to restructure the payments it is making into a fund for future retirees.
The fund, which knows how to restructure debt, must ensure the process is run in a competent manner.
It also wants to make it easier to restructure the debt of countries that, in future, are deemed insolvent.
They then survive bad years by advising companies in trouble on how to restructure.
It can be harder to restructure government than business, but even small productivity gains can bring big savings.
It seems odd that private-sector employers can restructure their pension plans and public-sector employers cannot.
Not only is it trying to persuade foreign creditors to agree to a plan to restructure much of the foreign debt.
Our government must restructure itself to make the better use of the taxes and human capitals.
One doesn't want to restructure any more debt than is absolutely necessary.
Brown would have little incentive to play ball on a potential restructure if it didn't also include an extension.
And when a borrower begins the long process to restructure a loan, another clock begins ticking.
If they would restructure some of the pension programs people may be a bit more willing to give in to the borrowing.
Brady will have to concede that taxes will have to be raised, but would restructure pension funding.
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