restroom in a sentence

Example sentences for restroom

All he does is sleep, eat and go to the restroom and he cant even breathe well.
The punch line is much sooner than later they will have to use the restroom.
Trundling around the slippery path to the restroom in inflexible, moulded ski boots is far from comfortable.
Everybody needs to visit the restroom once in a while.
Also, importantly on a visit with kids, it will guide you to the nearest restroom.
Then have them find a restroom far away from the entrance and circle it.
The dining room and the restroom are on the same level as the sidewalk.
The brick oven bulges through a wall, a hot obstruction on the way to the restroom.
There's no restroom, and you can't make a restroom break.
And, in what is certainly an airport first, there's even a restroom designed specifically for use by service dogs.
Restroom and shower facilities are available, along with a gift shop for supplies and camping needs.
Tent sites have fire rings and are within walking distance of the restroom and shower facilities.
Airline restroom breaks are neither the time nor the place for make-up or hair touch-ups, dry showers or complex wardrobe changes.
When taking road trips, plan your trip ahead of time--where you will make restroom stops and where to eat.
Pets are allowed, but tent camping is not as the business does not offer restroom facilities.
The park also has full laundry and restroom and shower facilities.
All private campgrounds listed have restroom and shower facilities and electric and water hookups.
All sites have picnic tables and fire pits, and modern shower and restroom facilities are nearby.
There is a swimming pool and recreation room on-site, as well as laundry, shower and restroom facilities and a picnic area.
There is one restroom and one shower available in both locations.
Tables, barbecue pits, drinking water and a restroom are also available.
You'll be properly hydrated and walking to the restroom regularly.
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