restrike in a sentence

Example sentences for restrike

However, the final and initial load capacities of the piles, and the time of restrike showed good correlation as a power function.
Pulse-start lamps also provide faster restrike time, improved color rendition and stability, and longer lifetimes.
Pulse-start lamps also provide faster restrike, improved color rendering and stability, and longer lifetimes.
The pile bearing capacity is the pile capacity obtained during the end-of-driving or pile restrike.
To increase materials efficiency, the main component of the pickle fork is now produced out of forged, restrike aluminum.
Additional driving that is performed after initial installation is referred to as a redrive or restrike.
Move the block, and restrike as needed, to achieve uniform consolidation throughout the test area.
The pore pressure transducer must be able to measure pore water pressure during initial driving, restrike, and static load tests.
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