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Restrictive laws in certain jurisdictions sometimes prompt their ineligibility.
In the end, the number of options is remarkably restrictive.
It remains to be seen how much control users will have over their portable devices, which are currently far more restrictive.
But maps from these providers are extremely restrictive in how they can be used.
The shoe's upper wrapped snugly around my feet, but was stretchy enough to feel supportive rather than restrictive.
Some science and medical journal editors avoid publishing research findings that could draw lawsuits under restrictive libel laws.
The prices of some crops, such as sugar, are kept high by restrictive tariffs.
The licenses attempt to overcome the inherently restrictive nature of copyright law.
One group ate a restrictive, low-protein diet whereas the other dined on protein-rich foods.
The restrictive tactics have enabled publishers to squeeze more dollars from their subscribers.
Also, some more restrictive societies show less left-handedness in their populations than other more permissive societies.
Also psychopaths are in the game for themselves having minions would be restrictive.
Here, the kind of equivalence used represents a restrictive aspect of reality as an economic one.
He also stated that there would be a restrictive diet for weeks rather than days.
Ultimately this restrictive system results in thousands of deaths each year.
But given the restrictive nature of universities of his era he'd likely would have nothing to do with them.
The benefit is that you can work free of intellectually-restrictive career-ladder restraints.
But they are often built in the middle of nowhere, due to restrictive planning laws.
But restrictive clauses sometimes prevent investors from selling immediately.
The terms are more costly and restrictive, but she will not mind that.
It was actually an early form of restrictive practice.
Restrictive practices drive up the price of much else, from medicines to air fares.
The oil industry is relatively confident that their response to events farther south will not be too restrictive.
Red tape, petty protectionism, restrictive labour laws and confusion between different levels of government deter investment.
After all, monetary policy is still not restrictive.
On paper, many of these restrictive laws have already changed.
They portray them as ending a restrictive practice, and offering more consumer choice.
Not before time, reforms have now been launched to get rid of these restrictive practices.
Lending terms were restrictive, typically requiring full repayment within five years.
Certain cruises are more restrictive with dress codes and meal times while others are more casual and family-friendly.
None of them, however, are as scary as the restrictive controls.
And yes they have remarkably accomplished those things with ever restrictive budgets.
But religion has had many definitions and not all of them are quite so restrictive.
Thus, there probably isn't a trait in existence that you couldn't pin on either one of us, making it not terribly restrictive.
The minimum requirement, if too restrictive, can be protested.
They're uncomfortable and restrictive, the waist too snug, the legs too itchy.
They had to show that the restrictive covenant was reasonable in scope.
Eligibility for the discounts is more restrictive in rural areas.
Indeed, the growing medical evidence appears to be helping more school districts ease up on restrictive return-to-school policies.

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