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Restricted ecological niches may have limited the creatures' evolutionary opportunities-but also may have saved them.
So far the maximal capacity of human longevity has been restricted by limited diet and lifetime health insults.
Smoking will now be restricted to limited outdoor areas.
In dry years or with restricted water, however, plants of wild species may thrive.
If not restricted, many ground covers will advance beyond the area you've allotted for them.
The contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law.
Many other restored films languish in a limbo of restricted access.
Small animals and insects are thus restricted to making high-frequency airborne sounds.
The continuing uplift of the caldera rim can be explained by the restricted size of the magma's exit route.
The phenomenon is almost entirely restricted to the tropics, he added.
Though communist authorities did not ban religion, they restricted worship, sometimes persecuting believers.
In the nuclear age, submarine warfare was no longer restricted to the targeting of enemy naval and shipping operations.
The changing climate restricted the range of the primates to the equatorial zone.
Full access is restricted to computers connected to the campus network.
Access to higher education remains severely restricted throughout the developing world.
And this fallacy is not restricted to non-biologists.
Forty years ago, instantaneous global communication was possible but costly, and restricted to governments and large corporations.
Well, some forums permit guests to read and post, some permit guests to read only and some are restricted to registered members.
He also noted that his trials were restricted in scope by private insurance.
It's legal to own the equipment, which can't access anything without the proper crypto key, but export is tightly restricted.
Annoyingly tiny fridges may not be restricted to hotels or dorm rooms much longer.
The future hub of space travel won't be some restricted-access military installation.
We recently completed an engagement for a client with a rather restricted scope.
The airport is deep within heavily restricted airspace, guarded by fighter jets.
The phenomenon is restricted to humans, and it's as if we've become a different species all of a sudden.
Aristocracy, in its turn, may be restricted indefinitely from half the people down to the smallest possible number.
There were employed in them a restricted number of hackneyed forms which were often fixed by the more important poets.
The work he did not do has been carried on by many workers and has resulted in many restricted collections.
Howells's sympathies were as wide as the metropolis, but his knowledge was restricted.
The expression of these kindly feelings were not restricted to a section of the country, nor to a division of the people.
Potentially dangerous items are prohibited or restricted on all flights.
For decades scientists have known that animals on a severely restricted diet live longer than their gluttonous cousins.
Food stamps should be restricted to the purchase of fruits and vegetables only.
Because inflation is the expansion of space itself which is not restricted to the maximum speed of light.
And this empathy effect is not restricted to humans.
During this time the sub may become more vulnerable to detection and may be more restricted in its ability to perform its mission.
To understand this miraculous recovery, the researchers restricted both corals access to ambient food.
If valid, they are valid only over a restricted range.
The catalysts for revolt are common: restricted liberties, rising food costs, and high unemployment.
If you can find any other restricted sites or have your own conspiracy theories to add, feel free to share them in the comments.
As a result, school districts are heavily restricted in terms of how they can spend taxpayer dollars and how they cannot.
But again, the card is reversed, meaning an opposite or restricted interpretation.
The money comes from a jail-excise tax approved by voters and its use is restricted.
The economic harm to working people would not be restricted to wage cuts.
State law restricted that university to white students.
It is the industry leader in the environmentally devastating and recently restricted mountaintop removal mining method.
Channels are now restricted to one such show per year.
The fact that some people lose when trade is opened up compared to a restricted-trade status quo is of little moral relevance.
In a world where cost is the priority, either coverage or choice has to be restricted.
As a result of this loathing, shorts have frequently found their business banned or restricted.
Unlike horse-racing, the contest is not restricted to thoroughbreds.
They claimed that interdiction efforts were succeeding and the higher price reflected restricted supply.
At one end was an opening, but access to the corridor was restricted by a wall built across this entrance.
Those who try to bet on falling prices find their activities are restricted.
Regulators have restricted it and investors have ignored it.
Our table shows a selection of political prisoners who are either being held in their homes or whose movements are restricted.
Soldiers' leave is often cancelled and mobile-phone use is restricted.
Markets ought to be restricted to producers, users and those taking the other side of their trades.
It also means their activities are restricted to those described in their prospectuses.
The disappointment is not restricted to the car industry.
Smoking indoors in public areas is now mostly restricted to the likes of nursing homes and bingo halls.
In many professions, investment by outsiders is restricted.
Access to credit is key to the survival of maritime trade and insiders now say the supply is being severely restricted.
Saving was encouraged with tax incentives, but the choice of investment vehicles was restricted.
When you have such a restricted lexicon, this redundant negativity seems gratuitous.
To prevent fire sales, perhaps a third of funds have restricted client withdrawals.
There is a vague hint of nostalgia for the days of a restricted franchise.
Her courtiers are generally restricted to hatching males.
For decades the country severely restricted the buying and selling of gold, which put a heavy damper on demand.
It is also because of the restricted number of slots in this priceless bit of astronomical real estate.
As well as discouraging car ownership, the authorities have also restricted car use.
The elevator settings restricted access to his office.
And retro taste is not strictly a guy thing or restricted to music.
He's got heart disease, but the disease is not restricted to that part of his body.
She was severely restricted in her personal possessions.
She no longer had an alternative to the cramped quarters to which she was restricted.
It fenced me in, kept my body in check, restricted my movement.
Void where prohibited or restricted for download from by law.
The reconstructed tissue was sometimes tight, and it restricted his movements, but some nerve endings appeared to be reviving.
Void wherever prohibited or restricted by law or where state or local law prohibits the publication of winners names.
Naturally, fine food, service and restricted clientele.
But bankruptcy protection would never again be restricted to brokers.
They didn't have to let me roam around stations and restricted areas, or ride with agents for hundreds of hours.
Several hundred demonstrators had tried to attend, but they had been restricted by the police to a street several blocks away.
Over the years, the sale of raw milk has been so restricted that it has become virtually impossible to buy.
One of the problems with intellectual conversations is that they are generally restricted to intellectuals.
In this study, methionine only worked in a restricted diet where other amino acids are scarce.
Earthquakes are not restricted to tectonic plate boundaries.
These would be collected by gigantic parabolic antennae, likely to be located in restricted areas at sea or on dam reservoirs.
Using a too restricted set of possible genealogies, necessary to reduce the computational load, can bias parameter estimates.
Under controlled natural conditions, traumatic insemination was frequent and temporally restricted.
And she uses a peculiarly restricted definition of natural selection when she makes these arguments.
Although the disease cannot be cured, it can be treated by eating a restricted diet and avoiding certain medications.
If anything, the restricted domain in which she works emphasizes her abilities.
Lifetime limits on the amount of health care an insurer will pay for will be eliminated, and annual limits will be restricted.
His fanaticism, if he has any, is restricted to cricket.
Their rights of residence and movement were restricted, and they were subject to expulsion at the caprice of local authorities.
Conspicuous defecation, however, is restricted to males.
His only contact with the larger public outside his relatively restricted circle of devotees was through radio.
In part this was a function of restricted perception.
He wishes to establish what is specific in the psychological effect of images, and here his range turns out to be more restricted.
But the problem isn't necessarily restricted to finance.
Nor were these perceptions of the change in the nature of care restricted to reports from patients and their families.
The blood supply to the animals' hind legs was restricted.
Exactly how a nutritionally complete but radically restricted diet achieves these benefits has remained unclear.
While these computer-generated movies are well suited for digital projection, the technology is not restricted to them.
Otherwise these things are restricted to niche markets.
Wherever the movement is restricted, the robot concludes that there's a joint.
In contrast, water cooling is restricted to kits for enthusiasts.
All retail dealers or distributors of restricted-use pesticides must be licensed.

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