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The new measures also restrict the ability of foreign students to bring family members into the country with them.
Laws that limit the liberties of the general population do not usually restrict the activities of the lawless.
And the ability to restrict information is worse than a license to commit fraud, it is worse than terrorism.
But now there is a way for consumers to restrict telephone access themselves from their homes.
Build a better search engine, rather than restrict the availability of the information.
The central bank has taken a number of measures this year to restrict credit.
Schemes to restrict the area to foot traffic worry planners who fear the famous crossroads could lose its creative energy.
They restrict legal gun ownership but there's a lot of illegal gun owners.
Pruned any time to remove tangled or weak stems or to restrict size.
It has laws that restrict deforestation in the rest.
Restrict each submission to one or two well-developed proposals that have been crafted especially for us.
If this instrumentation is made available, the confusions about where to restrict flights would be resolved.
Trying to restrict a fir tree's size by pruning usually ruins its naturally attractive shape.
Commanders, however, still have the power to restrict access to preserve bandwidth or maintain security.
Of course, to the extent that such drugs pose health risks, it's prudent to restrict their use.
Establish protected areas and park reserves to restrict human influence.
The symmetry would also restrict the form in which these partners can interact with each other.
Disciplines are seen as disconnected silos that stifle innovation and restrict inquiry.
At the same time, they have become cagier about explicitly revealing in what ways they restrict service.
The move will further restrict access to the remote region, and commercial and sportfishing will be phased out over five years.
Open-mesh allows you to restrict the amount of your bandwidth available to your neighbors.
He hasn't actually done anything-yet-to restrict the right to bear arms.
But federal fishery managers believed the shark population was plummeting, and they have steadily attempted to restrict fishing.
These important medical uses of cloning technology urge us to be careful in our efforts to restrict cloning research.
The government is equally keen to dispel the idea, which is why this week it announced plans to restrict entry further.
Breakdowns in such infrastructures, caused by warfare or simple wear and tear, restrict water supplies and cause contamination.
They restrict extraction to make sure that oil prices stay artificially high.
And government policies that boost biofuels and restrict trade will get in the way.
Certain bees also restrict or close the nest entrance when an intruder is detected.
Nevertheless, doctors routinely tell their obese patients to restrict what they eat.
They also admit that investors could do worse if they restrict their choice of shares.
We need to restrict population growth and then start decreasing the human population.
More research must be conducted before such systems are relied upon to restrict pollen and seed spread, they say.
Any measures designed to restrict human population growth directly must involve compulsion to be effective.
Prisons can restrict the rights of inmates to nerd out, a federal appeals court has found.
We are working actively to restrict and/or remove copies that may be available.
The bill would also severely restrict advertising for.
Clients would face a lot of opposition if they tried to restrict managers' fees.
The service gives corrections agencies the flexibility to restrict offenders to specific geographical areas.
However, they don't tend to restrict themselves to the categories that are beloved of those in diversity studies.
But specialist fuels and constrained cooking times can restrict their appeal.
That's true even if staffers restrict their pages to viewing only by friends.
Forcing them to restrict their profiles to certain friends is more reasonable.
Administrators can also restrict the use of an application to specific devices.
And they will also restrict users from downloading additional apps to their handheld device.
Instead, please restrict your answers to policies she implemented and positions she took as governor and as mayor.
There are two main characters that enable us to restrict our match to a location within the string.
Might be more appropriate to what you're looking for, and you don't have to restrict yourself to religious universities.
Restrict your communication to email so that you have a written record.
If pensioners are to contribute to welfare savings, the government will have to restrict other benefits they receive.
It makes me think that you don't want to be too specialized too early, because it might restrict your job choices.
Defaults cause bankers to restrict the availability of credit, which causes more defaults.
The only way to achieve this is to restrict imports.
The bony plates require extra calcium, which is rare in some environments, and they restrict the body movements of the fish.
Roads also restrict the movement of animals, making it more difficult to migrate.
Businesses have responded by trying, in various ways, to restrict access.
Soon, there will be laws that regulate big data and restrict the kind of data mining research that can be performed on them.
They did this by linking together the helical columns with loops to restrict their motions.
So if you want to restrict your reading to fairly ancient books, you're all set.
Some users allow anyone to look at their profile, while others restrict access to those on their list of friends.
They may restrict financial aid, withhold course equivalencies, and/or deny valuable academic credit.
People also have the right to make their own mistakes in communities: they have the right to restrict offensive speech locally.
These beliefs you have restrict the flow of monies and opportunities your way.
We restrict rapid posting of multiple comments for quality reasons.
Neither of those two decisions ruled expressly on government's power to restrict corporate electioneering.
In part, this is because communist nations restrict the westward flow of information.
They put a cloth or cover over the outside of the box to cut out the light and restrict my air supply.
They placed a cloth or cover over the box to cut out all light and restrict my air supply.
Some browsers are set to refuse all cookies, or to restrict the conditions under which they are set.
They're a group of firms that meets and agrees to increase or restrict output of oil.
As the mixture cooks, the sloshing stops and any ripples restrict themselves to the center.
People who use social networking sites can choose to remove their profiles from public view or restrict what gets shown.
We need to encourage a vibrant debate on the issues, and not restrict the free exchange of ideas.
His experience should liberate his imagination, not restrict it.
Weight-loss diets must do two things: restrict calories, and provide balanced nutrient intake.
Actually, there are all sorts of arguable reasons to restrict peoples' right to vote.
Please restrict this nonsense to social sites, not a site purportedly covering scientific issues.
One tack is to restrict publication to the results of the work but not the methods by which researchers got those results.
And the argument here is that by acting as a cartel, they're using their copyrights to restrict.
If she wanted to restrict usage of the contents of her site, she could have done so by limiting access to the site.
Bring everyone up, don't restrict or push the have nots down.
It is so easy to restrict your world by looking for comforting support of your beliefs instead of challenging them.
There is a fine line between creating laws that restrict freedoms versus helping others.
We should not allow these proposals to restrict our economic growth.
The problem is that you restrict the harms that one might cause to others as those that arise directly.
If you restrict dissemination of this information, you are limiting our eventual understanding of the problem.
Climate modelers don't restrict their predictions to global averages.
Believers restrict their circle of friend and family to other believers.
Many owners deliberately do not register their property with the authorities because they fear it might restrict their logging.
If regulators foolishly restrict pay, managers will certainly be the poorer for it.
Clauses in employment contracts that restrict executives from competing with their former employers are nothing new.
But all the regimes restrict the freedom of speech, hound their opponents and fix elections.
With fractional reserve banking, the gold standard can never restrict credit.
House sets vote on measure to restrict online wagering.
We are looking to restrict the number of rental units.
The law does not otherwise restrict the definition of dependent.
Most homeowners have to restrict its growth, lest it get out of control.

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