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Name me a pastor who would advocate for population control and restrain of human activity.
So either add some substance to your comments or restrain yourself.
It wants the government to restrain speculative inflows by imposing far higher initial margin requirements on currency futures.
The sheet is believed to restrain the glacial ice that covers the continent.
His goal is to restrain the growth of greenhouse gas emissions.
Yet it is fair for government to restrain malefactors.
It is almost impossible to restrain her and get her to relax until she gets her way.
The only option that he has is to either restrain his remarks or face an attorney.
It's a novel idea-that the way to restrain spending is to increase taxes whenever spending rises.
They conform because they are made to conform by someone who can restrain them.
There are only two possible responses: build more roads or restrain the growth in traffic.
It isn't a misunderstanding, or the unavoidable outcome of having been too drunk to restrain yourself.
Imports would restrain inflation, and counterbalance currency appreciation.
He pledged to restrain government spending, yet proposed a slew of new government programmes.
But they failed to restrain themselves, and the backlash has begun.
Pessimists are convinced nothing can be done to restrain it.
Belief in efficient-market theory made the authorities reluctant to restrain either the dotcom or the housing and credit bubbles.
No problem, say enthusiasts: restrain the building and improve the transport.
Attempts to restrain the surveillance society through new laws will intensify.
The kind of gag that was used to restrain him is prohibited, though its use is said to be commonplace.
These brave moderates are trying to restrain the fiscal explosion.
Coaches from both teams worked to restrain their players.
He has played in gentle five-a-side training, and the task now is to restrain him.
Unless governments restrain those impulses, they will undermine the gains from rising investment.
Tamara, would rush to fight his tormenters, or restrain him from doing so.
If it is too high it will do little to restrain risk-taking.
Even so, restrain yourself and take only what you know you'll really be able to eat.
The current political climate will restrain this tendency.
Abe found it necessary to restrain his step-brothers from vulgarity and common coarseness of behavior.
First this little planet with its winds and ways, and then all the laws of mind and matter that restrain him.
There is now scientific reason for us to restrain our use of these resources.
Regulators are responsible for ensuring that utilities make wise investments that restrain the price of electricity.
Something is required to temper both-to check them, restrain them from excess, morbidity.
The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.
These neuroses are accompanied by processes that strive to restrain the development of fear, and succeed in various ways.
His people could scarce restrain the old king from rushing forth.
He said he'd only tried to restrain her from leaving the house.
Proponents said it would restrain advocacy groups' demands for increased spending or taxes.
And with a comprehensive plan to restrain spending and reform state government, we're on our way.
Some sequences create such an ambiance of immediacy that you may have to restrain yourself from breaking into applause.
When big dogs play with small dogs, they learn to restrain their strength.
Provincial and municipal governments will surely pursue their own interests despite efforts to restrain them.

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