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To put it simply: tax the rich, end the wars and restore honest and effective government for all.
His reputation depends not on how a vehicle arrives in his garage but on what he does to restore it to working condition.
On the contrary, his goal has been to restore both firms to health and then get out as quickly as possible.
Finally, they will generate a list of ways in which human beings can help restore and protect coral reefs.
New exhibit shows how technology helps to study and restore artwork.
We need to restore nature to be healthy, not bring more chemicals.
New walnut veneers restore period charm to the original kitchen cabinets.
The company can't say to what extent it will be able to restore any of its users' data.
Plus it would restore a measure of balance to the government.
The right investments could help restore the nation's economic strength and environmental sustainability.
The designation would likely help protect the towers and raise money to restore them.
The power company said that it would take up to a month to restore electricity throughout the island.
In addition, instruct students to research measures that have been mobilized to restore the health of the bay.
What spoils quantum entanglement can also restore it.
The two subspecies used to intermingle, so transferring a few females would restore some of the natural gene flow.
They had taken down all databases and were not going to restore them until they had removed all free-lance articles.
At best, though, the treatment would spare vision but not restore sight that has already been lost.
Kudos to this organization and to all who lend a willing hand and heart to rescue and restore our natural world.
But the report highlights a nationwide problem in attempting to create or restore wetlands.
Biologists and conservationists aim to restore habitat while brokering a peace between people and predators.
There should be a law against people buying old houses unless they plan to restore them.
The terms of the agreement stipulate that students must clean up the campus and restore it to its previous state.
Now plans are under way to restore its reign with the largest tiger sanctuary in the world.
For me, a media-free two weeks helped me restore my sanity.
Singing therapy is often used to restore fluency to sufferers of speech disorders due to stroke.
The global rescue packages have yet to restore liquidity.
But in one comment you want the government to buy land a restore it to wetlands.
They had a copy too, and were seeking funds to restore it.
If bacteria are not beneficial for your health, as many bacteria are, they should die in order to restore your health.
Scientists have forged a promising avenue in the quest to restore mobility to patients paralyzed by disease or injury.
No-till production of corn and wheat will eventually restore the organic matter to native levels.
Restore these art materials to tempting, colorful and useful condition.
We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to restore your service as quickly as possible.
To restore confidence, hedge funds have tried to shed their reputation for being fly-by-night operations.
It was unclear whether this would help restore calm.
Many more are flown by collectors who lovingly restore them and show them off at air shows.
Your goal is to restore rapport without minimizing whatever they did or said to bring about your outburst.
Green, natural settings help to restore our focus and replenish our cognitive capacity.
There are some neat shops and a couple of really good restaurants in a downtown that they are trying to restore.
They are a first step in the king's professed plan to restore democracy, to be followed by national elections next year.
To restore to a new phone, you use the same application.
Over the years, the university has tried to restore the building, although it has repurposed the rooms.
But by itself, it will not be sufficient to restore the markets' confidence in her government.
Learn how humans are working to protect and restore our planet.
Fiscal stimulus can prevent collapse, but not restore prosperity.
Efforts to restore wolves to the wild are succeeding, though.
In the face of contradictory paths, our minds attempt to restore internal peace.
Drawing all that attention to her faded gem of a movie palace attracted more funding to restore it.
Miller wanted to see if she could restore the dogs' executive powers by refueling their brains.
Control human populations and allow other species to restore balance.
Learn about each of the partners in this collaborative effort to restore the ocean's health and productivity.
Both substances appear to help restore the brain's disrupted chemistry.
Knock out an enzyme which is required for normal function and then restore its activity.
Surely they can restore order if there are any gangsters around.
But it's doubtful that any amount of effort or money can restore the salmon's world.
All taking those supplements do is to restore the normal balance.
Wars, tsunamis, aids nothing is going to restore balance.
The only solution, if the species is interested in its survival, is to control population and restore biodiversity.
Ending proprietary funding, end closed research results, restore peer review.
It's heartening to hear that proper treatment can restore function to those parts of the brain affected by a mental illness.
It will help setting the record straight and restore honesty in scientific reporting.
The director has done his best to restore the civilized pleasures of the genre.
The narrator tries to restore his family, but he has to do it without language.
Summers helped organize a fifty-billion-dollar rescue package to stabilize the situation and restore confidence.
Transplanted stem cells restore normal behavior in brain-damaged rodents.
The team then tested five known schizophrenia drugs to see whether they could restore the cells' connectivity.
But the idea that you need to invent some convenient cataclysm to restore order seems foolhardy.
People look to their governments to provide solutions and restore order.
The stratosphere would have to cool to restore equilibrium.
It took three technicians at the local repair shop to figure out how to restore his machine.
But a single reminder could be enough to restore it for months or years.
If anything goes wrong, you'll be able to restore your machine.
The device requires training the brain to decipher the implant's stimulus and does not replace or completely restore hearing.
Conviction does nothing to restore lost innocence, and acquittal seldom vindicates the right.
His owner credits acupuncture, used with other therapy, with helping restore the dogs ability to walk.
Tribes whose lands were once taken from them are setting an example for how to restore the environment.
But a green sprig of mint, he found, could restore its goodness.
To find out how you can help to restore our ocean, click here.
Certainly not to restore the ground to its original condition.
And it would make it even harder to restore the tax a year from now.
Decades at a minimum are required for the leisurely processes of nature to restore them.
Converting the new debt could also slam confidence without raising a big enough slug of equity capital to restore it.
They were needed to restore the delicate strands of trust without which the world's financial system would not operate.
The new government is seeking to restore the fiscal surplus to rein in the resulting inflation.
Private credit demand is likely to rebound only weakly as households restore their balance sheets.
The time has come to set out in detail what must be done to restore the public finances as soon as recession ebbs.
They threaten soldiers, civilians and any attempt to restore normal life.
As well as restoring faith in the dong, the government must restore sanity to the public finances.
The first was to restore an emphasis on accuracy that is central to its credibility today.
Few if any serious attempts have been made to restore state ownership.
Instead, the regime's priority would be to restore order so that it could proceed with political reform ahead of the election.
Some believe that the answer is to restore local ownership.
Scuffles erupted throughout the hall before baton-swinging police managed to restore a semblance of order.
It took several hours to disperse the crowds and restore police control over the area.
Finally, a group of locals created a nonprofit group and pledged to restore the building to his early glory.
Nobody knows whether this project will restore the theater to its glory or create a cartoonish replica to attract tourist dollars.
But she does not get to decide what you will choose to do to restore some order and integrity to your life.
Add the desired amount of insulation over the cover to restore the insulation removed from the ceiling.

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