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PC, however, has never rested on its considerable laurels.
The trophy rested on a mantel in their family room, beside an oil painting.
For one thing, the data upon which their conclusion rested were held in confidence by the oil company.
Candle butts and an empty bottle rested in an altar niche carved in a boulder.
And there, to all intents and purposes, the mystery rested.
We rested here for a couple of days and caught up on school.
Nearby rested a teardrop-shaped stone tool, roughly five inches end to end.
He ordered a memorial cross to be built wherever the cortege rested.
Likely rested motionless for hours, its jaws open and waiting for prey.
Then the door was opened for him, and he jumped in, and rested himself the whole night through upon his soft bed.
They once rested in this marble crypt but are now held in a more elaborately decorated tomb on the basilica's main level.
The skull rested atop crossed bones with tiny spirits moving through them.
It's extremely chilly outdoors and snow is rested on the ground.
More sober minds suggested the box was a clock or a navigational device, but even those interpretations rested on skimpy evidence.
As they become more and more rested, their global slow-waves devolve into local bursts of sleep.
Biological neural nets can be roused from sleep by external stimuli, and also by becoming rested.
If law simply rested on science, the argument would be over decades ago.
Looking from the house, my eyes rested on the river.
His success rested on gifts that he feared might abandon him.
The whole body weight rested thus at the joints bent to the rear.
He rested for a time and then clicked off the light and went hand over hand back up the face of the bluff.
He put his flashlight between his teeth and brought up the rifle from where it rested against his thigh.
He rested his rifle on an iron beam and watched a compound a half mile south.
Once they've rested for a minute or two you serve them with a dish of melted butter for dunking, and eat.
Moreover, the oil argument rested on a shaky economic foundation.
She rested her hand on his damp shoulder a moment and let it slide off slow.
The pilots had been there for several days and, as usual, were well rested.
During the telling of this story my husband's eyes rested on me with an expression of alarm.
He also had found a jaw in which conical teeth appeared to have rested in sockets, in addition to a badly damaged skull.
Sure if you had an equation that took everything into account in the universeS that this reality rested within.
Warren sat down and rested his tablet bag on his lap.
The cases received national attention, and the resulting convictions ultimately rested on multiple streams of evidence.
BlueBeat's defense rested, in part, on copyright law allowing musicians to produce cover versions of songs for a licensing fee.
Prosperity and all the comforts of home rested on a more precarious foundation then.
He accepted that the ultimate responsibility for the disappointment of voters rested with him.
The robot could, for instance, forage for biofuel while a unit on a long-endurance mission rested.
The regime's popularity rested on a combination of higher living standards and selective repression.
Its deposit-taking prowess rested on alluring interest rates rather than relations with customers.
But this ability rested on a broader philosophy of capitalism.
In practice, power rested with a hereditary plutocracy, but it was expected to earn its privileges through public service.
He had his legs crossed so that one outsized shoe rested on his opposite knee.
His conviction rested almost entirely on witness testimony, much of it conflicting.
But it should continue to be stressed that the need for intervention, in this case, rested on humanitarian imperatives.
Nobody denies that being an air traffic controller is a high-stress job, which needs well-rested workers.
He was standing when found, leaning against a bureau, on the top of which his head rested.
His strangest supernaturalisms, too, turn out in the end to have rested on acts of nature which science can explain.
It were well if the charge rested here: but it is certain it does not.
The piles on which the railroad bridge rested had been left standing.
His eye turned every living thing it rested on into stone.
When a gladiator was vanquished it rested with the spectators to decide whether he should be slain or not.
Upon the wealth of confidence such lives created rested the power of the church.
Among the rich contents of the tomb there was a bier on which rested a mattress of reeds covered with three layers of linen.
Having rested awhile, an earnest desire seized him of ascending the mountain which towered above him.
He understood that his own eyes must be unbearable, and turning away, rested his elbows on the mantel-shelf and covered his face.
Reduce jet lag by being sure that you are well rested, healthy, well-hydrated and sober when you leave for the airport.
Instead she rested on a gurney, alert and calm, taking deep breaths at her hypnotherapist's instruction.
About every four months, one herd is moved to the rested pasture and the pasture they were in is rested.
So much for the theory that the best golfer is a well-rested golfer.

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