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On any given day every restaurant, household and business throws away paper, oil and food.
He said to stay in business these days every restaurant must cater to tourists.
Business is frequently conducted over lunch, and the safest option is a restaurant in a five-star hotel.
Plates are not provided at this sushi restaurant, as the food is served directly on a counter.
He sits in a restaurant and sends his food back three times.
Interactive effects of reward sensitivity and residential fast-food restaurant exposure on fast-food consumption.
Head out on cross-country skis or chat with locals over wild sockeye salmon in the restaurant.
Though popular with tourists, the beachside restaurant is in a great spot.
Counting calories today is as easy as checking the label in a grocery store, or perusing the menu in a restaurant.
Even if you have a light hand with the salt shaker, you probably get lots of sodium in processed or restaurant meals.
Today the spot the station was built on is a restaurant.
There were these chillies that they cooked in their restaurant which was really spicy.
There is nothing more obnoxious to me than two people making out on the subway, in a restaurant, wherever.
There is no way to accomplish that feat in a restaurant setting, however upscale.
Wild open space holds a power that no museum or chandeliered restaurant can match.
Indeed, you probably shouldn't expect more candor from a peer-observation report than from a restaurant review.
If you're staying in a posh hotel with an expat clientele, chances are pretty good the hotel restaurant is using clean water.
At a restaurant on my night of arrival, faculty pelted me with multiple illegal questions.
It's unclear whether it goes into the restaurant's general coffers, or is split among all staff or among waiting staff alone.
The refurbishment included an upmarket bar and restaurant that are open to the general public.
Restaurant menus are no longer a set list of choices but the starting point for negotiations between diner and waiter.
It takes several attempts to find a restaurant that will even take an unguided foreigner.
Even washing dishes in a restaurant today requires capital for the dish washing machine.
Restaurant magazine calls this science-based restaurant the best in the world.
Not one of these fish is destined for a supermarket, canning factory, or restaurant.
And having thought about it a bit more, all restaurants that are around then will be the restaurant at the end of the universe.
There should be a commemorative plaque on the restaurant's wall.
The restaurant is located in a historic building that used to be a granary.
Min-Ga is a family-friendly restaurant with a simple décor.
McDonald's is hiring restaurant crew and management for full-time and part-time jobs.
The sign outside the restaurant proudly proclaims the greatness of its steaks.
Bring together three of the town's restaurant critics and get them to dish about where to dine.
Room rates all include a daily breakfast in the hotel's waterfront restaurant.
We often ran across them in the restaurant or in the lobby.
Mamie said that she would meet the others at a restaurant across the street, then disappeared, boyfriend in tow.
She has dinner at a nearby restaurant and goes to bed early.
Then he went to a restaurant in the station and ordered rice and curry and a salad.
The fisheries have negotiated a contract with a major seafood restaurant chain.
Plans are in place for a restaurant on the shoreline and concerts in the palace's rooftop garden.
Restaurant and bar owners are often captivated by online reviews.
Making restaurant-style pie in the home kitchen can be tough.
My favorite restaurant to indulge in a delicious local meal is.
Curl the sides of the seaweed sheet upwards, similar to a sushi item one might conceivably purchase at a restaurant.
All along, the humble restaurant has been run by one family.
People who party are increasingly likely to be doing so at home rather than at a bar or restaurant, says a new study.

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