restart in a sentence

Example sentences for restart

Not only is this campus a restart of a failed university, the university president is a proven failure.
The plane managed to glide sufficiently out of the ash plume for three of the four badly damaged engines to restart.
Lance announced that it planned to restart cookie production in a matter of weeks.
Instead, they must use temporary deficits to restart growth.
When you restart the game, the update will install, and you're off and running.
It makes it possible to stop the production of a protein and restart it again.
OR, something would have to notice that everything had gone dead and restart with a new universe.
The government also wants to restart nuclear power plants that have been shut down for scheduled maintenance but are now in limbo.
Now, stocks are so depleted that production will soon have to restart.
If that proves impossible, she will restart court proceedings.
They often over-react, and use a lot of energy when they restart.
Some had been cleaned up, only for people to restart the dumping.
They moved back to his hometown and he was asked to restart a semipro league.
Still others need to restart their careers after being laid off.
They have to restart their lives again in a brand new society.
Once you've removed the program, restart your computer.
Many series will restart production within two weeks, even sooner than expected.
Depending on the error condition, it might be possible to restart the application.
Please restart the transaction, if it has timed out or restart the transaction, with cookies enabled on your browser.
The connection restart will terminate your current session.
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