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Meditation puts the body and mind system in a state of deep rest resulting in a calm and centered mind and healthy body.
It's a permeant statement to one's self or to the world, regardless if you stand by it for the rest of your life or not.
For the rest of us, the vague contours are provided in the morning paper.
Vanishing of jobs will plague the rest of this decade and more.
Highly creative people often seem weirder than the rest of us.
Other employers are paying less into their funds and taking a gamble that the equity market will deliver the rest.
No question that keeping cities functioning will be one of the great challenges of the rest of this century.
Cut off and set aside half the roast to wrap and chill for the second meal, and serve the rest.
But he is retiring, and wants to make sure the rest of the college community agrees.
Yes, the poor are more likely to run their own business than the rest of us.
Growing underground, tubers are not limited by the rest of the plant.
Current and former university presidents will comprise much of the rest of the panel.
It seems an obvious line of investigation that would put the anatomical arguments to rest.
It also reminds me gardens can still be affordable if you forgo the outdoor kitchens and all the rest of the bells and whistles.
The result is a community that is unique yet increasingly connected with the rest of the globe.
And where a wave of new energy-new restaurants and a place to rest your head-casts a glow on this charming peninsula community.
Blooms are produced mainly from spring to fall, sporadically rest of year.
Crushed rock, chosen to harmonize with a backdrop of granite boulders, fills the rest of the grid and extends beyond it.
During rest of growing season, medium green, rounded leaves with pointed tips blends well with other background shrubs.
These tiles rest on the same kind of framework a wooden deck does.
It's a minimalist autumn dinner that leaves me free to spend the rest of the evening out of the kitchen.
Blooms are produced mainly from spring to fall, sporadically rest of year add to my plant list.
What a wonderful reminder to stop and rest and enjoy.
Using desert plants in the rest of the landscape helps compensate for the lawn's high water usage.
And the breakfast bay acts as a daylight-catcher that brightens the rest of the kitchen.
We spread the leaves out on a baking sheet for the rest of the day to let them wilt.
In the desert, plants may rest in summer, then resume flowering in fall.
The rest of the course is no piece of cake, mind you.
And she could get similar aid for the rest of her time there.
Early whales plied the shallows but still hauled themselves onto shore, probably to rest and to give birth.
Don't forget to rest your feet and enjoy a cool beverage in the working, colonial tavern.
If that seems elementary, it was a wake-up call to the rest of the conference.
Paper airplane contest awards the flimsy fliers that are a cut above the rest.
Bright red brushes appear from late spring into summer, scattered bloom rest of year.
If the rest of this sci-fi arsenal follows, war may soon be unrecognizable.
For the rest of the sample the link between inequality and homicide does not hold.
All early farmers had to do was tolerate cats being around and the cats did the rest.
It's too much fun not to share with the rest of our zones.
Extreme temperatures prohibit fieldwork the rest of the year.
If you resign, you should receive a lump sum rather than continue to be paid on a bi-weekly basis for the rest of the summer.
She is as annoyed and upset as the rest of us but probably is protecting her career as someone mentioned.
Blooms profusely in early summer, sporadically through rest of growing season.
And the stories she shared in a diary showed she routinely put herself in situations the rest of us would do anything to avoid.
Vivid green and turquoise subway tiles echo the color scheme of the rest of this beach house.
If the top layer is damp and the rest is dry, you need to water longer to ensure deeper penetration.
The muffins, and the rest of our simple menu, are designed to tickle the kids and be easy for the supervising adult.
During the day they rest at the bottom of the ocean.
In advanced cases, the arteries are so blocked that even rest does not help.
They could struggle for the rest of their lives, she said, or sell out and retire in ease.
Moreover, the effects of global warming on the polar regions are likely to have major repercussions in the rest of the world.
However, the campus became isolated from the rest of the world.
In the fresh state it is of a pinkish tinge at the pyloric end, and of a red or reddish-brown color over the rest of its surface.
And yet without labour there were no ease, no rest, so much as conceivable.
Not being mean, but consider you consume resources that the rest of us could use.
Jail time for some of these rogue cops would help settle the rest of them down.
The rest is what is left of our genetic engineering.
As the rest of the world struggles to reach higher standards, more contaminants will be produced in accelerating amounts.
Visitors can watch history in the making, as drilling and blasting continue on the rest of the sculpture.
That's because, even at rest, the supersonic reconnaissance plane is so flat-out intimidating.
Many guests never even venture out to the rest of the island.
Not surprisingly, restaurant chefs are as excited about this profusion as the rest of us.
Then, slowly but surely, the rest of their plans took shape.
Allow the bed to rest for three to four weeks before planting.
Fill in the rest of the day with nursery hopping--there are a bunch in the area.
Senior officials would conduct interviews in the corner of the same room where the rest of the leadership deliberated.
The solution will rest with our ability to form networks for exchange and to create political power.
The industry continues to suffer and remains a drag on the rest of the economy.
But it's also bad news for the rest of the electric car movement.
He planned to keep a few ounces for himself and sell the rest to some friends.
The group's current mission is to spread economic development to the rest of the world.
The rest have involved everything from simple biopsies to colon cancer.
Much of the rest of the menu leaves you with the distinct sense of having been fleeced.
Of the rest, one descended into mediocrity after a decent start.
It wasn't so noticeable in the rest of the house, but then again the rest of the house was neglected.
We journalists must be puzzling creatures to the rest of the world.
Great artists are more likely to suffer from manic depression than the rest of us.
The sticky end, the dopa portion, adheres to a surface-pretty much any surface-and is hidden by the rest of the noodle.
To heal the brain, scientists are trying to poke through the shield that isolates it from the rest of the body.
If two points are at rest in one frame, they are at rest in all other inertial frames.
The bad economic environment has slowed the rest of the world's rush into alternative clean energy.
Last year's stimulus package could help raise the rest of the funding needed.
When the voltage is lower, some parts of a circuit run slower than the rest, leading to mistakes.
The rest goes to secreting a steady supply of diesel fuel.
The rest of the money comes from investment income and state taxpayers.
Paralyzed from the waist down, she was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
Trump, unlike the rest of the room, did not find any of it particularly amusing.
The price of gasoline is slowly becoming closer to what it is in the rest of the world.
The rest was paid for by insurance, public or private.
He left out all that could be readily understood or taken for granted and the rest he delivered with savage exactness.
If social scientists cannot get their details and data right, the rest of us will continue to scorn their conclusions.
The decision was one of the regrets he would carry for the rest of his life.
My guess is the book will be definitive for the rest of the century.
The rest faded away into the night, many of them weeping, and not because of the tear gas.
Make these cookies once, and you'll be making them for the rest of your life.
Carefully combine the tomato with the rest of the vegetables so that you don't mash up your zucchini and eggplant.
The rest is spent on networking, advocacy, and negotiation.
It seduces the right kind of traveler, those that dote on adventure, and drives the rest away.
Later, she stretches each length of oiled noodle paste into loops on the board, and leaves them to rest once again.
That's because annual crops have tiny root systems that grow for one season and then die along with the rest of the plant.
We gave half of them away and cooked the rest for an important little dinner for three.

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