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Example sentences for responsible

Winner is responsible for all federal, state and local income taxes, if applicable.
Most of us embrace the concept of ecologically responsible gardening.
It's the plant responsible for the cloud of small lavender flowers pictured above.
She wants to know who is responsible for this display.
Psychic treatment cannot be held responsible for the continued presence of diphtheritic affection.
If these bosses were responsible for nothing but pure wickedness, they would probably last but a short time in any community.
These circles consisted of groups of workers who sought to improve the processes that they were responsible for in four stages.
In earlier trials prosecutors have often had to show that the defendants were responsible for specific, especially grisly crimes.
And too many power groups today are not responsible.
Anyway, politicians cannot fairly be held responsible for outright fraud.
The evidence that humans were in some way responsible for these deaths remains strong.
It has been said that when responsible people fail to speak or act, bad things happen.
All of the officials responsible for the failed program have retired, so no personnel actions are contemplated.
We need to train our students to make responsible and ethical decisions based on their evaluation of scientific evidence.
Responsible for developing and sustaining relationships within the college and the community at large.
Local people team up to protect their natural and cultural heritage and encourage responsible tourism.
No single pathogen seems wholly responsible for the disease, they've found.
Learn about efforts around the nation to preserve farmland and promote environmentally responsible farming practices.
No one country is responsible for cleaning up space.
Reusable cloth diapers are generally considered a more ecologically responsible choice, and they're also more cost-effective.
If the cells responsible for these violent outbursts were inhibited, it should induce mating.
Scientists pinpoint brain region responsible for locating sounds.
These energy levels provides additional stability to an atom, which are responsible for its chemical properties.
Even a dog owner is responsible when their dog attacks.
The major distinction responsible for these internal disagreements is the one between automatic and controlled processes.
Nerves may be responsible for the release of growth factors or chemotactic agents necessary for the regenerative process.
Now research shows that a subtle consequence of aging may be responsible for the insomnia: the eye's lenses turn yellow.
Microbes may be responsible for snow-and rain for that matter.
Of course adults are responsible for what they eat and drink.
The same region may also be responsible for relapses, the major hurdle in treating drug addiction in people.
The frontal lobes of our brain, are much higher functioning and and are responsible for our ability to speak and reason.
No doubt humans are responsible for wiping out other species from their habitats.
Of course, it must be accessed in responsible and environmentally conscience ways.
Perry is asking voters to credit him for a impressive state economy he's also not entirely responsible for creating.
Socially responsible investing is neither as profitable nor as responsible as advertised.
They simply wanted to determine whether the soldiers in the outpost were responsible.
If they did the department was responsible for little more than coordinating store-opening launch parties.
Restaurants oblige by name-checking the farmers responsible for our pork chop and the tender turnip shoots lying alongside.
In animal studies, the researchers found that tetanus affects serotonin levels-but only one part of the toxin is responsible.
Science's weirdest realm may be responsible for photosynthesis, our sense of smell, and even consciousness itself.
He and others went on to show that a slight pulse of electricity moving through the metal to the nerve was responsible.
Both form part of the limbic system, responsible for the emotions, and sensations such as motivation and reward.
It's unlikely that these two mutations were specifically responsible for the unusual nature of the medieval plague pandemic.
The disorder runs in families, but the gene responsible had eluded scientists.
During periods of adversity, the brain triggers release of cortisol, a hormone responsible for the fight-or-flight response.
Because you have the right to do something, you are also responsible for the results of that decision.
As a veteran, this makes you fully responsible and them responsible for following it.
What genes are responsible for normal hair, she wondered.
Researchers have proposed that a severe global cooling might have been responsible.
Later, humans were again responsible for giving the hybrids an edge over their pure-bred house mouse relatives.
The scientists responsible for them generally ignored the role of environment in shaping human behavior.
Most of this was due to a huge size increase in the olfactory bulb and olfactory cortex, brain areas responsible for smell.
Scientists already knew that cells known as melanocyte stem cells were responsible for youthful hair color.
For instance, the author of this article is responsible for misleading its readership.
Regulators are responsible for ensuring that utilities make wise investments that restrain the price of electricity.
Presently, electrical current alone is responsible for the logic functions in circuits.
Wind turbines being responsible for slicing up birds in flight is an urban myth that sounds plausible, but in reality is not true.
Next, they try to pinpoint the exact set of instructions and conditions responsible for the failure.
These tunnels presumably are responsible for the improved optical properties.
Their thinking was that some fluid must be responsible.
It rejects claims that the car's electronic throttle system could be responsible for unwanted acceleration.
But those studies failed to identify the mutation responsible for his case.
They have created and led teams of technologists responsible for a golden decade of genuine innovation.
The department could do much more than it is now proposing while remaining fiscally responsible.
We must do it in the interest of the public, and that means holding the digitizers responsible to the citizenry.
Brady also avoids the trap of arguing whether or not someone with a mental illness is responsible for his actions.
Their basic finding is that a series of unexpected and favorable developments were responsible for the extraordinary performance.
He can't be held responsible for the linked historical transformations of which he became the odd heir.
He is not responsible to a past independent of his consciousness.
In each case the evidence was deliberately falsified by the authorities, presumably to protect those responsible.
One might say that both are, accordingly, equally responsible.
The global livestock industry is responsible for nearly twenty per cent of humanity's greenhouse-gas emissions.
She is in large measure responsible for a new, and fashionable, strand of academic study that combines these instincts.
Both parties, responsible for governing, have a stake in success.
The history responsible for this diversity-one of successive invasions-also insured that the language developed in an unusual way.
Chalk up another victory for environmentally and socially responsible finance.
Both the existing certification programs share common elements that ensure responsible recycling of used electronics.
Responsible fatherhood programs exist all over the country.

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