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Example sentences for responsibility

So please, don't blame an environmentalist clamoring for responsibility.
If you do not take your responsibility in it, don't go blame the professor.
She has no personal responsibility other than that of being hostess.
But to hold an egg that actually contains nascent life is quite another matter, a tremendous responsibility.
If you can't handle the responsibility of a tattoo, don't get one.
By leaving, he was accepting his new responsibility.
She was blamed for bankrupting the country, when others in the high-spending, lavish court bore equal responsibility.
Using the piece meal excuse to avoid responsibility is not acceptable.
Energizer has always been committed to offering more performance with more responsibility.
It feels right to take our little part of the responsibility of getting a better environment.
As boss, he bears responsibility for their mistakes, so sometimes he speeds their training with his boot.
The soft toys teach you important morals about friendship and taking responsibility.
However, it is also our responsibility to be good stewards of our lands.
In the shop, they take full responsibility for the vehicle.
Independent forest monitors are strictly observers, law enforcement remains the responsibility of local officials and governments.
He understands his shortcomings and takes full responsibility for his actions and his situation.
We need fathers to realize that responsibility does not end at conception.
If there are unfortunate people around the world, it is not the responsibility of other nations to fix the problem.
It is each individual's responsibility to make decisions about what another may do with his or her body.
It is a parent's responsibility to censor and make sure their kids are engaging in a variety of activities.
Free will as a legal responsibility is also a political concept.
We are as a people to scared to take responsibility for our direction choices.
But yeah, screw them, because personal responsibility.
We seek to fill a full-time, multi-year faculty position whose primary responsibility will be to teach the first-year seminar.
And for too many professors, that's where their sense of responsibility to their advisees' career prospects seems to stop.
First, it would encourage students to take more responsibility for their own learning.
Full responsibility for seven sections of composition.
Alas, that includes our spirited debate on corporate social responsibility.
The entire process seems to result from systematic governmental attempts on all sides to evade any kind of responsibility.
He accepted that the ultimate responsibility for the disappointment of voters rested with him.
It depends on notions of civil harmony and responsibility, which governments have an important role in supporting.
Responsibility for boosting growth must be more evenly split with politicians.
It's our responsibility to investigate the truth, to approach images with care and caution.
It's our responsibility to find more sacred, meaningful, holy ways of promoting evolution.
Wired takes no responsibility for parallel universes in which you find yourself trapped for eternity.
But that sense of responsibility comes with conditions.
Demanding that the country take great responsibility for sharing the gains among its own people is, actually, fine.
Residencies attempt to mitigate potential harm through supervision and graduated responsibility.
Income and other taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the winner.
His grimly businesslike speech was a gritty, almost masochistic exercise in the taking of responsibility.
Steve chose journalistic responsibility over personal feelings, and took one of his best pictures for the magazine.
Giving us this responsibility for our own lives drove us to work harder.
The press has a responsibility to cover both, unfortunately.
But the megacity doesn't encourage social responsibility and collective action to improve public life.
Making this task the responsibility of a generation which is yet to be born, is well, irresponsible.
One concern is that the findings of brain science will undermine our notion of autonomy and individual responsibility.
Let them take some responsibility for the people within their arms reach.
Establishing responsibility for the preservation of digital data must be seen as a priority.
In closing, working together, finding solutions and helping our society is everyone's responsibility.
We would be totally derelict in our responsibility to future generations by continuing to use this inevitably destructive fuel.
People could take far more responsibility for monitoring their own health.
It is our responsibility as scientists to look at the data in an unbiased way, and draw whatever conclusions follow.
In other words, the software makers never take responsibility if their crappy creations are causing you damage.
The media magnate denies personal responsibility for the phone-hacking scandal.
So it is kicking things back to the original evaders of responsibility, completing the circle of dysfunction.
Everyone else on that list above bears some responsibility too.
Making sense of that upheaval will be the first responsibility of the new administration.
Che has to carry part of the responsibility for that, but not all of it.
But the ultimate responsibility for the failure to act lies with the university president.
Life stance emphasized the unique responsibility facing humanity and the ethical consequences of human decisions.
It's the fear that personal responsibility will vanish if free will is shown to be an illusion.
It's your responsibility to prevent cancer in your body.
As a scientist, your primary responsibility is to do good science.
But students have responsibility for their education.
And, of course, they disavow any responsibility for their comments.
It is the responsibility of those denying the scientific consensus to familiarise themselves with the relevant data.
Governments leaders wanted something where they could absolve themselves of the responsibility for making informed decisions.
Giving us our responsibility to care for the wonderful garden and to raise our own families.
Science aside, those on the far left don't seem to understand economic restraints and fiscal responsibility.
When you sell a lot of records, you have a responsibility to your business partners.
The best corporate-social-responsibility initiatives are good for society and for business.
What this meeting must really be about is responsibility--not only government responsibility but personal responsibility.
If there are fewer people in the office, chances are you're going to have more responsibility, perhaps even a completely new job.
Anyone can dodge responsibility, but it takes real talent to dodge the consequences of dodging responsibility.
It is the responsibility of the driver who was involved in the accident to show evidence of financial responsibility.
She took responsibility for observing the inhuman uses of power and for summoning her generation to judgment and action.
The responsibility for reluctance, however, also lies with the prosecutors and the law itself.
Responsibility for the nation's infrastructure is currently spread across federal, state, and local governments.

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