resplendent in a sentence

Example sentences for resplendent

Fresh from the shower, mirror-primped, stepped my heroine resplendent in her new friend's housecoat.
The tall hill forest, resplendent in the aftermath of rain, was aglow in emerald light.
One night he would be resplendent in diamonds, the next in rubies, the next in emeralds.
The cause is beyond reductive statements, even when they exfoliate into such resplendent prose.
And local residents, lingering winter visitors, and migrants are resplendent in their fresh and colorful breeding plumage.
Seven are globally threatened, including resplendent quetzal and golden-cheeked warbler.
Here, it becomes resplendent, a land of scenic beauty.
What a treat: a pair of hooded mergansers, swimming with a pair of wood ducks, all resplendent in spring plumage.

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A noble soul is not the one that can manage the highest flights but the one that rises very little and falls very little... more
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