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These were earmarked for people at high risk, those with respiratory troubles such as asthma or emphysema.
Levels of nitrogen oxides, fossil fuel combustion emissions implicated in respiratory disease, have fallen dramatically.
And this means that pepper sprays pose a genuine risk to people with asthma and other respiratory conditions.
They might cause unpleasant upper respiratory irritations, but they will not send anyone into anaphylactic shock.
Both bird and human flu viruses infect people by attaching themselves to cells in the respiratory tract.
People get colds, flu, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.
Once she went into respiratory arrest during sedation and had to be revived.
Many kinds of respiratory ailments are another cost.
Ape researchers are exposing their wild subjects to fatal respiratory diseases, a new study says.
Her recovery from respiratory failure is nearly instantaneous.
If the heart is still active, the condition is known as respiratory arrest.
The illnesses range from respiratory problems to mental-health problems.
Air pollution can trigger or worsen a wide spectrum of respiratory and cardiovascular ailments.
The virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome appears to mutate as it spreads, making it especially difficult to defeat.
Antibiotics are prescribed for respiratory infections as needed.
Chlorine, the active ingredient in conventional laundry bleach, can spur an allergic reaction or irritate your respiratory tract.
Scientists have uncovered the genome sequence for severe acute respiratory syndrome, which may help develop better diagnostics.
Respiratory ailments appear to be increasing markedly.
As doctors scramble to contain the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome, researchers are hunting for a treatment.
Gorillas are extremely susceptible to human diseases, especially respiratory diseases.
Antibiotics may be prescribed when respiratory infections occur.
They found that the viruses connected to particular types of sugar found on the surface of upper respiratory tract cells.
It cannot cure viral infections such as the common cold and severe acute respiratory syndrome.
Laryngitis often occurs with an upper respiratory infection.
Breathing particulate matter also causes respiratory ailments.
Natural cleaners made of common kitchen ingredients are gentler on the skin and respiratory system.
When the microbe that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome is finally isolated, some people will know what to call it.
His report found that there was no evidence of heat injury to the dog's respiratory tract.
Two important vaccinations are recommended to protect against respiratory infection.
People with respiratory conditions were advised to be cautious.
Ground-level ozone is an air pollutant, and breathing it can cause serious respiratory issues.
People who show up with respiratory illnesses, they are being tested.
The cause was complications from respiratory problems, his family said.
He died of acute respiratory distress syndrome, a spokesman at the medical center said.
He died of respiratory and cardiac arrest, a spokesman for the order said.
The pneumonia, he said, was the result of the respiratory congestion that had been mounting for several months.
The cause was respiratory failure resulting from pneumonia, his family said.
Acute bronchitis generally follows a viral respiratory infection.
It's a respiratory stimulant, mostly used in wound care.
Then chronic respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions began to surface.
During that period health warnings are posted telling people with heart and respiratory conditions to stay off the beach.
The more rigid respiratory system of birds means they are less susceptible to barotrauma.
As a result, respiratory and skin problems are rife.
Then you have to consider the strain on your respiratory system.
Sudden opening of the cords allows the pressurized air to flow back up the respiratory tract to expel the irritants.
These sorts of lifestyle changes are known to lower rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory diseases.
With long-term exposure, these types of air pollutants can be linked to allergies and respiratory illness, or worse.
The gold-standard test for patients with respiratory symptoms is spirometry.
Take all of your medications, especially respiratory inhalers, as directed.
Oxygen, intravenous fluids, and respiratory support usually are also needed.
Acute sinusitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection in the sinuses that results from an upper respiratory tract infection.
It often begins with an upper respiratory infection.
Serious form of unusual pneumonia, resulting in acute respiratory distress.
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