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But they are currently considered subspecies of leopards and leopard cats, respectively.
They are exactly alike in every property except that they rotate plane-polarized light to the right or left, respectively.
Speaking of lawyers, the mortgage and legal industries show up third and fourth, respectively.
The diploma and advanced diploma require two and three years of study, respectively.
Some of them have already ceased running, and all will do so as they respectively use up the stock on hand.
In addition to some field changes, two simple physics concepts: surface area and angular momentum, respectively.
But they were generally referred to as a role-playing game and survival horror, respectively.
If you press them fast or slow or hold them down, it'll create little grace notes or extend the notes, respectively.
Seuss books have mostly animals and weird creatures in them, respectively.
If you think mathematically, the two opposite extremes are running one for reward and the other for power respectively.
Signals sent to the left or right basilar flight muscles make the animal turn right or left, respectively.
The spleen and the liver also receive a few twigs from the left and right vessels respectively.
Remember the widely different aspects of events which are dealt with in science and in religion respectively.
Bacteria which have flagella are either rod or spiral-shaped and are known as bacilli and spirochetes, respectively.
The two countries are respectively the third and fourth biggest military spenders in the world.
Liberty and equality have reasonably clear meanings and yield obvious policies, such as tax cuts and redistribution respectively.

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