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Respecting one's right to believe whatever they choose is not the same as respecting the content of their beliefs.
What happens there shouldn't, and probably couldn't, happen to any self-respecting espionage agent.
Around the world, no self-respecting politician lacks a plan to turn his city into a capital of finance.
It's not part of bickering between political rivals, it's a matter of respecting the law of the country.
For a while no self-respecting report or theory was complete without one.
Heading the entire civil service means respecting its myriad vested interests in the status quo.
No self-respecting politician will enter the fray while the army runs the show.
These days no self-respecting think-tank, it seems, can be without a report on nuclear disarmament.
Self-respecting couples were marginalised, and the real value of wages was cut in half.
Food production will always be of paramount importance to any self-respecting nation.
At the risk of sounding insensitive, these retirement trends are unacceptable for any self-respecting society.
Real pride is being able to celebrate you, while still respecting others.
As any self-respecting ink aficionado knows, every tattoo tells a story.
Nevin tried anyway, while still respecting the cartoonist's privacy.
Free-electron lasers are the must-have gadgets for all self-respecting modern laboratories.
We sincerely thank them and members of the media for respecting our privacy.
The reaction on both sides was thoroughly dignified and self-respecting.
It was thinking of myself as a writer, respecting myself as a writer that kept me going.
It definitely means respecting some cultural conventions different from our own.
It is a powerful way of appreciating and respecting the diversity of the world.
The pursuit of happiness grants no exemption from respecting the rights of others.
Every one of them stresses the importance of inclusive curricula and respecting student diversity.
It's about respecting a group's right to bring a speaker or host an event, and for others to enjoy that event without disruption.
The cell becomes what every self-respecting cell seven should be.
And here's a picture of an aardwolf in a museum display doing what no self-respecting aardwolf would do.
These days, the guy wouldn't make it out of any self-respecting graduate school.
In one way, my anger comes from something specific: respecting customers.
Then there's the simple matter of respecting the definitions you impose on yourself.
Recognizing and respecting past arguments and opinions seems to me to be an essential part of a plural debate.
Any self-respecting journalist would have checked those things.
And still, all the while, respecting and enjoying our unique pluralistic democracy.
We will work with providers to enhance services while respecting the dignity of risk and the importance of health and safety.
Thank you for reading and respecting them for the benefit of all.
By doing so, you are respecting the culture of another people.
No self-respecting rap neighborhood would be without its mogul.
That's why he surprised his critics by respecting the will of the electorate when he lost last year's referendum.
Your point about respecting the vernacular is well-taken as it applies to every day conversations.
Respecting different cultural traditions while traveling is always a tricky proposition.

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