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Because water is a precious resource, using it respectfully in the garden is a tradition.
Then he sits respectfully at her side while she embroiders a piece of lace.
Contestants tended to eye the barrier respectfully: the punishment for false starts was a thrashing from official whip bearers.
We respectfully refer all inquiries into a pending criminal matter to the investigating agency.
Respectfully sir, you call for creative solutions yet reject them before proper consideration.
Others respectfully kept their distance from the center yet also refused in the crisis to budge from their places.
The lawyer respectfully declined to let his client speak to them.
He was respectfully listened to, and got a fair amount of laughs, cheers and applause.
The company now treats him much more respectfully and his site has gained a large following.
His ideas have generally been respectfully received by those in the field.
These people think that once they get in big cities, they will get better cared and respectfully treated.
Your quite the idealist, but allow me to respectfully disagree.
More and more townsfolk have awoken and come out to stand and watch respectfully from around the perimeters of the field.
Teaching students how to work respectfully with preserved animal specimens is important.
The administration has consistently treated the students at our campus respectfully and as adults.
Listen respectfully to student concerns, but be clear and firm that grades are not negotiable.
In fairness, this student has always treated me respectfully, and has genuinely had some issues to contend with this semester.
When visiting places of worship, however, dress respectfully.
Slasher the pit bull could respectfully request an accounting of her chronic deafness.
What you seem to have missed is that the lies have already been exposed calmly, rationally and respectfully.
In other words, they are actively helping to make the world better educated, and manage to do it respectfully and effectively.
Our government minders nudged us into a line and urged us to bow respectfully.
Training programs on how to speak politely and respectfully were started.
Questions were requested in good faith, were read respectfully, and answered sincerely.
Respectfully, everyone is missing the point about the message he's sending here.
But it is fairly uncommon that photographers can't work it out, respectfully.
The parties respectfully submit that the foregoing sets forth good cause for the requested extension.
Her tale is well known to the congregants, but everyone listens respectfully as a warm breeze ushers in another hot summer.

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