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All they wanted was a landscape that looked respectable.
More than one respectable astronomer claimed to have observed it.
To a lot of biologists, aging research has not always been a respectable calling.
It's still everywhere from geeky-chic t-shirts to respectable science blogs and magazines.
In the meantime, however, human empathy became a respectable study topic.
There is a lot of research on parental bias in the reporting process which is why it is not used in a respectable research paper.
Still, the author's research seems respectable enough.
It is thoughtfully organized and exhibits a respectable balance between data and interpretation.
If you don t believe me visit his respectable blog and read for yourself.
He wants to make military history respectable by enfolding it into intellectual and cultural history.
Yet even the telethon may be becoming respectable again.
In normal times, this would be a respectable growth rate.
While the economy grew at a respectable rate for much of this decade, hiring did not.
Greenspan had an economy with low unemployment, that was growing at a respectable rate, and still kept interest rates low.
It is annoying when the same old misleading, unhelpful statements are recycled in respectable newsletters and journals.
There are five lighter colored robots, and these seem to have the respectable day jobs.
It has even more fiber than the regular variety and respectable amounts of such nutrients as manganese, tryptophan and magnesium.
The fun is being squeezed out of work in an effort to make profits respectable again.
Today, amateurs acknowledge the need to seek respectable backing.
Were the consequences not so great, it would be a respectable form of obstinacy.
Web-based alternatives often seem less respectable than their dead-tree counterparts.
Respectable audiences turn up to listen to lectures on it.
The simmering war between factions in organized crime that are taking over once respectable finance came out into the open.
It was a respectable text for troublemakers everywhere.
By now, all the countries in the region are achieving respectable levels of economic growth and keeping inflation under control.
If the burly-and surly-turbaned doormen deem you respectable, you can escape from the city's sweltering heat into its lobby.
But perfectly respectable firms have also failed to make the grade.
She has already managed to make the party appear more respectable.
It seems he has no design but to appear respectable, and here he keeps a private book to prove he was not.
They want a pretext that enough of them can unite upon to make it respectable.
The gulls are far more respectable, in a moral point of view.
The older and more respectable of them all, as if by common consent, stayed away.
It is the only thing that makes government respectable.
He was not remarkably bright or quick, but by industry he made a progress more than respectable.
Although the economy is growing at a respectable rate, high unemployment and underemployment remains an important challenge.
Respectable, but certainly not leaving much room for error to their pitching staff.
They're willing to pay more for something, ahem, more respectable.
Some perfectly respectable activities belong elsewhere.
Their labor was more necessary and useful than his, and also more honorable and respectable.
There's nothing respectable in a callous chef with a skewed view of severity and little sympathy.
Jazz musicians have been accepted as respectable people only since their music has become accepted.
Some develop respectable ways of walking on the wild side.
It is for all intents and purposes a television miniseries, cannily packaged as a respectable-director relay.
Three perfectly respectable theories for lunar origin had been proposed.
So the respectable cosmologists above are calling into question the invocation of expanding space in certain situations.
If they are compliant they will suppress these individual urges for what they know to be good, prudent, and respectable.
Certainly nothing even remotely close to testable or even respectable science.
That's a respectable move, and one that philosophers of religion might want to emulate.
Used to have quite a respectable library on the subjects.
Any potential for respectful, respectable dialog is squashed right off the bat.
They want to make people look capable and respectable as moral agents.
But there are also more than respectable paths around them.
It was because of busing that religious fundamentalism became respectable.
It has something yet more important, which is the ability to specify the respectable view.
Most of her rearrangements seem to be in the service of making the diary more respectable.
It was a respectable family, prosperous until a flood destroyed the father's business and the family's fortunes were swept away.
It is clearly time for her to marry, after having foolishly turned down respectable offers.
Even though you're going rogue, you still need a proper office to look respectable and legit.
But if you look around and scratch the surface of respectable society, you'll see them all right.
The yearbooks show him as a respectable contributor but not a star.
The book's sales were initially respectable if not spectacular.
The lake's depth allows for good fishing for respectable rainbow trout throughout the year.
Please report for jury service wearing respectable clothes.
They also took a respectable fourth place with the semi-automatic.
Respectable companies allow customers time to think about an offer.
The walleye population is small, but enough fish inhabit the lake to make a respectable fishery.

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