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Drug companies need little arm-twisting when it comes to investing their resources into diseases that afflict millions.
Using these resources would not be such a great idea if their extraction exacted unacceptable environmental costs.
Both resources are limiting the other-and both may be running short.
Now is the time to exploit space power and resources.
Positive emotions help us build enduring personal resources, such as problem-solving skills, coordination and social resources.
One hypothesis suggests scarce natural resources are the cause.
He sees how the world can be made better with the strategic and daring use of time, talent and resources.
Its technical precision amazes modern architects and engineers, especially in light of the available resources.
The main renewable resources are plants and animals.
Wherever there is affluence, and a welfare state, people use their resources to get places of their own.
As populations began to rise, natural resources were increasingly exploited.
So did the introduction of non-native species that competed for resources with, and sometimes preyed on, indigenous birds.
There are several examples from nature where organisms have undergone a reduction in size in light of diminished resources.
The animals' resources have been shrinking ever since people figured out how to eke out a living here.
The country has no known mineral resources and few exports.
To gather the accounts of natural resources, means of communication, and statistics the author made many journeys.
Trying would, more often than not, further misallocate resources.
Its firms are giants that until now have been inward-looking but are starting to use their vast resources abroad.
If there is no trade between countries rich in natural resources and those poor in resources, no one will be better off.
As a result, these people do not have much reason to manage their resources carefully.
Because those large populations were so poor, they placed little demand on the world's resources.
Sometimes they were seen as a curse-an unwanted burden on a family's resources.
For an individual business, the standard way to get more capital resources is to put forward a plan for growth.
Nations have different endowments of natural resources, including energy resources.
Violence outside election periods is also driven by tussles over state resources.
What students learn at school will be reinforced at home, with an online databank of learning resources and diagnostic tools.
Operator-friendly apps open fewer connections, thereby consuming fewer resources on the operator side.
Several startups are experimenting with ways to link idle computers cheaply, selling off the resources to the highest bidder.
Come to find out, it was not my video card driver or low resources, it was my mouse.
The book is packed with practical suggestions for conserving resources.
Here are more resources on planting an edible garden.
Opponents say proposed federal facility to study dangerous pathogens is a health risk and will drain public-health resources.
Adobe offers the tools and resources to take your online operations to the next level.
The cost to the nation in lost time and resources is astounding.
If they seem inadequate, you are in a better position than you may ever be again to negotiate for those resources.
If you're teaching now and in fact it's not your strong suit, take advantage of campus resources to help you improve.
Even the availability of games or other digital resources can be challenging.
In addition, the director supports initiatives that provide resources and information for parents of these students.
And technologies are so complex that it's impractical for a company to gather all the resources it needs under one roof.
In that sense, the biggest economic effect of disasters is to redistribute resources rather than create them.
He had the resources to buy books and his keepers were lenient.
His resources as a director are limited: the actors stand around in awkward clumps and grope each other clumsily.
From a public-safety standpoint, it's not a rational allocation of resources.
Ultimately, the real story is to ensure quality resources for all students.
The foundation of sustainable food production is the wise use of resources.
But unlike the other candidates, our campaign has the resources and organization to keep winning over the long run.
The resources it can use to fight its demise or transformation are virtually without limit.
There is still a determined struggle against great odds to build up the cultural resources of the community.
We're tearing through a finite supply of natural resources.
With the loss of ice, the seabed's natural resources become potentially more obtainable and its bordering nations more interested.
When we're treating patients with exotic ailments, high-tech resources can sometimes teach us new lessons about old diseases.
Overreliance on nonrenewable resources over the past few centuries has revealed their inherent vulnerabilities.
Energy resources keep the lights on and the wheels turning around the world.
Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, generate power without depleting natural resources in the process.
Given the broad term: resources, they should use it broadly.
Such an expansion must be closely linked with expansion in population, environmental impact, and the consumption of resources.
Cloud hosting allows companies more flexibility based on the resources that they actually need at a given moment.
Users can rent virtual computing resources and scale up or down as their needs fluctuate.
Municipalities of all types often have some kind of housing or housing resources for older people.
He wants everyone to use resources more wisely and live in real communities rather than subdivisions.
Each attendee is asked to make a pledge of resources, time or leadership.
Provides educational resources and general departmental information.
But these, worthy as they are, have lacked scale and resources and the capacity for growth.
Foreign policy, by definition, is about the balancing of national interests and national resources.
We'll be protecting our natural resources and thus ensuring a better future for tomorrow.
He was starved of resources and was facing a prosecutor who not only hid exculpatory evidence from the defense but lied.
He had all kinds of resources, which they've already testified that they used.
For now, they do what they can with the meager resources they have, which means they spend a lot of time reading tea leaves.

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