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Example sentences for resourceful

She has her idiosyncrasies, not eccentricities, but then she is so resourceful.
More resourceful still, these sorts of verbs can then be turned back into nouns.
Mink are resourceful survivors, with needle-sharp teeth.
Slight overpopulation is supposed to result in the weaker, dumber, less resourceful individuals perishing.
They have already begun to prove themselves worthy as the next resourceful and innovative successors.
We have a resourceful community dedicated to supporting learning initiatives.
Not only does this test your skills as a cook, but it also pushes you to be resourceful and think of uncommon food juxtapositions.
Venter is really smart and resourceful in this genome quest.
Found throughout the world, the resourceful red fox is known for its cleverness and adaptability.
But that was then, with a game that rewarded the resourceful.
Workers with fewer traditional options must be more resourceful.
The miserly constraints spurred her to be fiendishly resourceful.
Resourceful to the bone, they will continue to gain what they can from our presence.
Scientists have therefore proved resourceful in using the web to further their research.
Its resourceful residents refuse to give in to rising seas.
Due to the modern magic of the camera, resourceful direction and thoroughly competent acting.
It has bounced back from crisis after crisis, proving itself far more resourceful than skeptics might have guessed.
But it's amazing how resourceful you can be when you're in the middle of an ocean.
Firms working in difficult countries need to be resourceful.
Resourceful manpower skills has been gradually available in the market, with an effort.
Resourceful people construct stealth fighters from the darndest objects.
Faculty are pretty resourceful about taking the time back.
In both the food is saturated with spices, the music hip-grinding good and the people resourceful and proud.
More important, the weeks since the fire have disclosed a resourceful and resilient community of the rural poor.
The chaos of that first day gave rise to a meaningful and resourceful order.
The good news is, felines are pretty resourceful at finding warmth.
By being resourceful and quick on the uptake, you will make headway in the week ahead.
The truly resourceful might build a fire and smoke the remaining corned beef into its crusty cousin, pastrami.

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America—rather, the United States—seems to me to be the Jew among the nations. It is resourceful, adapt... more
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