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In this way, the world's endless supply of problems becomes a valuable resource.
It may be noticed generally that slovenly and hurried writers find the infinitive a great resource.
Water resource officials say some of the reservoirs fed by the river will never be full again.
We seem to be bent on destroying every single resource and unable to talk our way out of doing so.
But enticed into the sugar cane field, the animals were out of their treetop habitat and competing for a concentrated resource.
But there is another option: motor oil as a renewable resource.
While water is a renewable resource, it is not as renewable as many people believe.
If both claim the resource and fight over it, the stronger individual wins and gains the resource.
Health-related issues include resource use, urban planning, and the human footprint.
The capital of this resource-poor nation profits as a regional banking center with a free port and modern air facilities.
Salmon in all their varieties are a great resource for humanity.
One of the first steps in learning how to evaluate a resource is understanding who wrote something and why.
It also means that measurable outcomes need to be established so that resource allocations can be justified.
Paper comes from a renewable resource and can be recycled relatively easily.
The result is a short-term resource grab that destroys longer-term productivity.
The colonial government kept control of a critical resource: land.
Growth in emerging markets is both rapid and resource-intensive.
Rather, they are episodes of friction in which the resource in question adds to tension but is not the sole source of it.
Foreign direct investment has been particularly strong in resource-rich countries.
The river is increasingly seen as an environmental and economic resource.
If so, gas will be one of its main drivers, dwarfing even earlier resource booms in its scale.
For one thing, fracking uses a tremendous amount of water, a severely undervalued resource inland.
Because it is resource-poor, this growth reflects fundamental strengths, especially in manufacturing and construction.
Boys, they reasoned, will thrive reproductively when they have grown big and strong in resource-rich environments.
The oil sands were an important national resource, but had to be expanded in an environmentally friendly way.
Every business needs to take resource productivity as seriously as it takes labour productivity.
Finally, though the reserves discovered now may last for decades, shale gas is ultimately an exhaustible resource.
The second was that the more nutritionally valuable a resource is, the more accurately its location will be remembered.
The critical resource in a modern economy is not food, but power.
Efficiency is great and will help but, when it comes down to it, economic growth requires increasing resource consumption.
So, as with any outlawed or heavily regulated resource, a bustling underground trade has formed.
The opinions will be a valuable resource for litigants and courts as these issues arise in other cases.
Freshwater is the ultimate renewable resource, but humanity is extracting and polluting it faster than it can be replenished.
Most netizens paid about the same flat rate for a valuable resource, no matter how much of it they consumed.
It's already the best resource for research that exists.
Everyone's worrying about resource management and the spooky, unpredictable changes in the ecosystem.
Not risking a thing yet staying alive as a sweet trickle, an underground resource.
Eventually, however, he found an unexpected resource.
Some of the resource depletion is visible from outer space.
These philosophers thought of nature as a refuge from economic activity, not as a resource for it.
And in our democracy, political will is a renewable resource.
Dig for the deepest truth you can possibly find, and convey it with every resource at your command.
Yelp's eponymous chatter on the street can seem an invaluable resource for knowing what customers think.
But to do it, the countries would have to pretty much tap every resource they have, both onshore and off.
Resource exploitation is the quickest way for a country to grow, provided the resources aren't stolen.
Instead worldwide industrialization is reproducing the resource conflicts of the past on a larger scale.
Such experienced boys, a rare resource, had to be used with great economy.
Of course it is also an invaluable resource for research and fact checking.
Also many cell phone company provide tv resource without money.
The main resource is a set of questionnaires we're producing.
In all these cases, there's a central, all-important resource that the colony lives in and must defend.
Marine resource managers have historically thrown caution to the wind, even in the face of scientific uncertainty.
Wonder if there is an under used resource somewhere that could hugely streamline the process of communicating with them.
For teachers with evolution in their curriculum, this book is good enough to be a sole resource.
There was no resource that served as a store of value.
And it would be a great resource for stellar dynamics generally too.
More fundamentally, violence would effectively decide resource disputes.
Okay, but until then, we're going to continue to use our innovation to find solutions to the problems of resource depletion.
Depletion technically occurs whenever people consume the resource.
Please contact us with any questions you may have about employment or human resource issues or about feedback on our website.
Natural resource and energy conservation is achieved by managing materials more efficiently.

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