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Example sentences for resounding

The answer, as the author of this inspiring little book sees it, is a resounding yes.
For me, the answer has always been a resounding yes.
In the event, and with a little voter intimidation in certain areas, this boycott call was a resounding success.
At last a wave thrust the boat onto the gravelly shore with a resounding crunch.
Well, the latest research is in, and the answer is a resounding no: boys are not more math savvy.
The resounding answer to this question is, it depends.
In a sense this is a resounding success, yet when the tourists arrive its time to push forward.
The government cheap food policy has been a resounding success.
Then, after several years filled with delays, the game was a resounding disappointment.
But a referendum, however resounding its verdict, cannot overturn the brute facts of demography and geography.
By some measures the program has been a resounding success.
Yet neither rating adds up to a resounding vote of confidence.
If my experience is at all representative, the answer is a resounding yes.
The answer to all those questions is a resounding yes.
Before she decided to plunge into the rough and tumble of politics, the party appeared headed for resounding defeat.
But it is difficult not to see a degree of anti-government protest in his resounding defeat.
It promptly did so in a resounding vote of approval.
The government may have let its desire for a quick and resounding triumph trump its long-term interests.
It was a resounding success, and all of our selected films were well received.
It is interesting that a similar article was met with resounding applause.
If someone acts as a resounding board and continually repeats the same mantra, they become it.
Or, said a different way: the research might be a resounding success but the drama a dismal failure.
Here, after six trials and six failures, he struck twelve with a resounding thwack.
Plot requires a larger structure and a somewhat quieter and more resounding resolution.
With necks in thunder clothed, and long-resounding pace.
First, it was a resounding vote for the mainstream candidates.
The answer, given hesitantly as there is not enough data to confirm a long-term trend, was a resounding yes.
Thunder rolled around the emptiness, a great rumble that started out low and slow and rose to a long, resounding boom.
It is used as a prop when cutting trees and, in the water, to signal an alarm with a resounding thwack.
The two paired together and won resounding victories twice.

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