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Example sentences for resorting

Leary and her colleagues were able to find multiple rearrangements in each tumour without resorting to full-genome sequencing.
In this case they are resorting to a, you should drink as often as you want to message.
So the family probably has the resources to fund expansion without resorting to financial engineering.
The flourishing publishing industry makes no apology for resorting to this kind of cultural nationalism.
Unsurprisingly, developers are increasingly resorting to desperate tactics.
Perhaps they ate the ship before resorting to cannibalism.
Now, stories abound of youths resorting to robbery or theft to procure another virtual fix at a gaming joint.
And many rich-world governments have been able to lighten their debt burdens without resorting to high inflation.
But of course millions of people patronise casinos each year without resorting to armed robbery to replenish their chips.
Any point where you are harming others, the point where you are resorting to violence, that's too far.
Many are struggling to keep themselves afloat without resorting to welfare.
Even without resorting to direct censorship, the state has formidable powers for controlling popular music and shaping tastes.
Resorting to a dehumanizing form of punishment well known to induce suffering and drive people into mental illness is beyond them.
Still, it plods along, programming dire events and resorting to trickery instead of development.
The modeling schema would have the capability to represent all the requirements without resorting to notes.
Show students how to settle arguments without resorting to violence.

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