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The resort was far too charming a place for such a senseless, smelly crime.
Here's a spot for anyone looking for a retreat rather than a resort.
Resort is the cheerful fashion season, the beginning of a long run of warm-weather clothes.
Sometimes, departments resort to finding leaders among the junior faculty when the senior ranks are riven by old feuds.
The resort is also a great choice for experts, who can access hundreds of acres of terrain off the backside of the mountain.
They serve as blinds for watching wildlife, religious retreats, dormitories and overnight resort suites.
If mere sandcastles have lost their luster, you may need to resort to human burial.
Without falter, this year's resort collections want you to have fun in the sun.
Even worse, he says, would have been to resort to what he calls.
And if all else fails, emerging economies have one last resort.
Each resort offers its unique vibe-and mountains of snow.
Action is needed against global warming, but geoengineering should be regarded as a last resort.
When people have to resort to this kind of tampering, their case is desperate.
Biochemists can thus resort to rough predictions of protein structure based on calculations of family resemblance.
The cottages are part of a famous resort on the island.
For precise work, researchers must resort to more sophisticated techniques.
For the conservators at work here, watercolors and paintbrushes are instruments of last resort.
Academics often resort to slides to communicate information to listeners.
Ask each student, pair, or group to choose one metropolitan area or beach resort that is on the coast.
Applicants might also apply to research universities as a last resort.
There's a dangerous tendency to resort to protectionism when things get tough.
Most must resort to an iron self-discipline bolstered by a hefty dose of superiority over those who eat junk food.
They even resort to acts of academic dishonesty to maintain their athletic eligibility.
When you have no argument name calling is the last resort.
Geoengineering might be a last resort or the only resort.
But you shouldn't have to resort to voodoo science to help you.
It is considered a measure of last resort because of the stigma attached to it and the possible side effects.
Serious scientific journals don't need to resort to petty name calling, even in editorial blogs.
For health's sake, don't resort to fast food or too many pre-packaged frozen meals.
Police said they had to resort to live ammunition against protesters after running out of rubber bullets.
Acting as lender of last resort is not a dangerous job.
Easy-care succulents have long been considered the boring last resort of brown-thumb gardeners.
If you leap blindly into a resort package trip, you could end up spending a fortune, which is no good in any economic climate.
The exception might be at condos that are rented out as a lodging operation at a resort.
Many of our students were at that school because it was their last resort.
We probably won't be staying in resort hotels, either.
But despite its reputation, it only stings as a last resort.
Acquiring firms have to resort to creating new subsidiaries in these countries or complex holding structures.
Thus they resort to doublespeak, and smoke and mirrors.
Some are overdeveloped, with large, self-contained resort complexes located some distance from the main local communities.
Rather they serve to suggest that you have no valid argument, and consequently must resort to bullying tactics.
West to the epicenters of snow country's biggest trend, the multisport mountain resort.
They could not fight the owners openly, they had to resort to indirect means to get revenge.
On the contrary, that you seem to find it necessary to resort to such remarks painfully underscores your lack of them.
Short of this, geopolitical and economic interests usually resort to warfare in dealing with resource issues.
Unfortunately, when there are high stakes some will resort to cheating.
Particularly when you cannot directly refute my propositions, and so resort to condescending remarks as a cop out.
When they cannot say what they feel in their painting, they resort to simply writing words about what they feel on the canvas.
Most dogs fight as a last resort, when staring and growling fail.
They learn that to solve any kind of interpersonal problem one must quickly resort to hitting or other violent behavior.
But to pay for the transition they would resort to large general-purpose tax increases.
Without the ability to work out new terms, local governments are left to resort to layoffs.
He and some friends were waiting for a tram to carry them down a mountain at a ski resort, and they started goofing around.
Combination beach resort, golf course, and future casino on historic island.
But if you are the owner of a ski resort on a glacier, four months of melting is a major cause for concern.
The cruise ship is a floating resort, complete with an onboard surf simulator.
But only a handful resort to terrorism, and here cultural and social traditions seem to play a role.
Blue sky and sunlight are more appropriate for the latter unless you want to show the desolation of a resort beach in winter.
Ultrasound images can be poor in patients with other conditions such as obesity, requiring doctors to resort to invasive tests.
Sci-fi films too often resort to an irritating, cuddly alien for comic relief.
Without access to these supplies, rogue chemists must resort to using chemicals from the grocery store and kitchen.
Hence a further reform option is to create a true global lender of last resort.
She shows visitors one alleged offender, a new lakeside resort complex.
Even if they do not resort to outright default, they can always achieve partial default through currency depreciation.
They will reach the resort by speedboat or seaplane and need never leave it except for diving or sunset dolphin-viewing.
Banning the trade in a species should be a last resort.
But she has had to resort to credulity-stretching gymnastics to explain past utterances.
Countries that cannot will almost certainly resort to trade tariffs.
Development, resort hotels, tourist accommodations and restaurants.
They should be used only as a last resort by a loving monogamous couple.
To me it sounded that this was a tactic of almost last resort.
Squeamishness is one reason doctors still use maggots only as a last resort.
We may actually need to resort to some form of hand pollination.
They're used as a convenient form of biological control, to cull insect pests without having to resort to chemical agents.
As a rule, prequels are unnecessary and useless, and never more than the last resort of a dying franchise.
That's not a bad idea if you're in a pinch on deadline, but for me it's often a choice of last resort.
Zionists are organized criminals who will resort to any criminal actions including terrorism to achieve their goals.
Times may be tough, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to off-brand booze.
There had been a resort area in the surrounding hills, but it was demolished by the bombardment.
But since the first method is often ineffectual, it becomes necessary to resort to the second.
First founded in the eighth century bc, it is a famous winter resort.
He now hurried forth, and hastened to his old resort, the little village inn-but it too was gone.
He now hurried forth, and hastened to his old resort, the village inn-but it too was gone.
It is only if the punk later persists, or challenges you directly, that you have to resort to more drastic measures.
Despite their close proximity, each resort has a distinct character and ambiance.
The resort also offers a dive shop, a coffee shop, restaurants and a club lounge and tailor and laundry services.
The resort has a swimming pool and hot tub, sports courts and scheduled activities such as water aerobics and poker tournaments.
The opposition has to avoid being seen as exploiting a national tragedy, and the army is too overstretched to resort to a coup.
The resort's two golf courses attract vacationers, corporate functions and renowned golf tournaments.
The resort offers challenging terrain for beginners as well as expert skiers.
It may be the only cross-country ski resort in the region that is also, in the truest sense, a working farm.
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