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The accusation that the rich aren't contributing their fair share is increasingly resonant.
Strutting about, the performers bowed while deep notes boomed from the resonant air sacs.
At present, all of the planets are in resonant orbits.
He blows a few bars, his rich, resonant tone unmistakable even in this crowded room.
What makes them remarkable is their resonant orbits.
It's a cliche so resonant it refuses to die or to be updated.
As with a mechanical flywheel, a resonant cavity can store energy in the form of momentum.
He has a particularly fine tone, resonant and mellow, and a quietly tasteful approach to the music he played.
The track's washed-out reverb chorus and resonant organ chords certainly evoke ethereal sensations.
Great dramas and grand operas build to memorable farewells and resonant exit lines.
The reason why these characters have endured is that they're resonant.
Still, this space-age ax is resonant and probably strong enough to resist multiple smashes into a stage.
Together, the two hammered out a new ending that felt less madcap and more emotionally resonant.
It was resonant with old-world geniality, its good-natured charm informed by long experience, its cheerfulness verging on wisdom.
Resonant words, but there's not enough here to back them up.
The ancient minster, resonant and vibrating to her foundations, lived in a perpetual jubilant tumult of bells.
These are almost the lowest terms of a fully resonant line.
But then, it is a non-resonant location for anything current or intellectually dense.
Microwaves heat water because they are resonant with lots of tightly spaced vibrational modes of the molecule's dipole moment.
In buzz pollination, the pollen is shaken loose by resonant vibrations caused by the beating of insects' wings.
It helped him learn the resonant frequencies of many different organisms, including some he identified as the causes of cancer.
Theoretically, energy is only sent out from the transmitter when there is a resonant receiver within range.
Inductive chargers are safer because they rely on a resonant effect between two closely spaced coils.
But they key point is that at a certain resonant frequency, the microphone becomes hugely sensitive.
Unfortunately, there was almost nothing that was emotionally resonant about it, either.
These sorts of details make the history deeply personal, deeply resonant.
Though clearly unhinged by grief, his natural eloquence never falters, and his still-resonant voice shines through these entries.
These syllables might be nonsensical, but they are telling and resonant.
Nonetheless, their overall characterization of the economy remains resonant.
One does not have to have that in one's novel, but one has to have a sense of that madness if the book is to be resonant.
Sometimes you can make an unpopular choice but over time can become more and more resonant.
At certain rpm, resonant frequencies would cause the fuel mixture to froth, leaning out the fuel and burning the pistons.
They're more emotionally resonant, more surprising, even more knottily plotted.
Thus distinguishing resonance gamma radiation from non-resonant.

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