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Example sentences for resolutely

He is full of self doubt but he presses on resolutely.
The machines used to generate them still rely resolutely on vacuum tubes.
He resolutely denied her plea to have the picture removed.
The strong line of junipers in the parkway, marching resolutely downhill, was so insistent that you noticed little else.
Until this year, that result has always been resolutely positive.
It is a lot more than a decade ago, and the trend is resolutely upwards.
Yet the tone, while unafraid of the macabre, is resolutely silly.
The community of nations has resolutely gathered to condemn and repel lawless aggression.
The rhetoric of ministers today was resolutely upbeat.
But nothing this resolutely indefinable can fail to have value.
Daft resolutely held that he had no need for a first mate, huge though the company is.
It is not something that can be naively boxed in and resolutely handed over to extinction.
She sponsored no other artist so resolutely, no matter who tried to cajole her into it.
Or they've blogged with collectively rigid self-control, remaining resolutely on-message and uninteresting.
But when that notion is seeped so resolutely into the core of a movie, it makes for a headache-inducing experience.
Have faith enough in your own individuality to keep it resolutely down for a year or two.
He resolutely fought his way back from injury and illness.
After the close of the war they resolutely refused to be emancipated or leave the place.
One fact must be faced resolutely, in spite of the shrieks of the romantic.
He went back to his study, and this time attacked his work resolutely.
She went into the great hall and resolutely opened the windows one by one.
He must resolutely purpose and labor to free himself from whatever he knows to be wrong in his motives and life.
But there are times too when a sense of humor is resolutely about place.
For a few years she even persuaded him to stop eating meat, an experiment he has since resolutely abandoned.
The number of jobs advertised but not being filled is increasing even as the unemployment rate stays resolutely high.
But the cultural programme in the afternoon is resolutely backward-looking.
Slowly but resolutely, in an effort to mitigate these inhumane punishments, a variety of measures were devised and adopted.
Resolutely independent, it continuously championed political and business reform.
The agency also acted resolutely in dealing with serious violators of safety and health regulations.
Against that pernicious doctrine this court should resolutely set its face.
Falsification and blind estimates must be resolutely curbed.

Famous quotes containing the word resolutely

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