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UK scientists are genetically modifying mosquitoes to be resistant to malaria, which kills millions annually.
Increasingly many bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotic treatment, presenting a serious public health threat.
Shark skin is also incredibly resistant to bacteria.
But if you take steps to make your house resistant to lesser fires, it may survive.
The resistant bacteria will spread the way bacteria do, but now they will outnumber the vulnerable ones in the population.
But it was thought that the brain was largely resistant to autophagy under these conditions.
Pear trees are resistant to oak root fungus add to my plant list.
Older generations of bedbugs weren't resistant to pesticides and lived in tougher environments: houses without central heating.
The composite is more resistant to corrosion than the steel it replaces, is easier to clean and floats.
The pandemic is growing in many places, and strains resistant to all existing drugs are emerging.
The collections are now fade and weather resistant and provide lasting durability and beauty.
For example, making a component resistant to temperature changes sometimes comes at the cost of strength.
The experiment revealed that the genetic tweaking, indeed, rendered the mice resistant to weight gain.
Confining cattle and feeding it only processed food makes the animals less resistant to ugly diseases.
Only types with small leaves tend to be deer resistant.
Prevent problems by buying healthy stock and, if possible, resistant varieties.
Now, farms in the cerrado plant smaller, more resistant bushes and machine-harvest them.
The best prevention, however, is to plant resistant varieties.
Though it is impossible to make buildings completely resistant to earthquakes, they can be made much safer.
What is more, mice on this diet remained resistant to obesity even when they were kept inactive.
In fact, many commercially produced tobacco plants are resistant to the virus.
They are also easy to raise, and more disease resistant and withstand a wider temperature range than chickens.
Traditional folder hierarchies, in contrast, are rigid structures resistant to updates and multiple views.
Both, too, were resistant to the suggestion that their research materials caused their ailments.
All you can really do if students seem really resistant is to pull them in one-by-one and ask if there's a problem.
Most of this novel, however, is resistant to the reader's focussed attention-it reaches for enigmatic profundity but meanders.
Drug-resistant bacteria have become a major problem.
Inaccurate dosing may be a culprit in the evolution of drug-resistant strains.
Disease causing bacteria are becoming resistant to all antibiotics, by natural selection.
But urban life may have also influenced human genes, making the descendants of ancient city dwellers more resistant to disease.
Several features in particular help to make endospores resistant to environmental stress.
The infections were resistant to many common antibiotics, including methicillin.
High voltage cables are typically insulated with special water-resistant polymers that have high-dielectric strength.
They're not exactly antibiotic resistant, so they don't have any special drug-destroying mutations.
All attempts to destroy it have failed, and it appears to be resistant to all known poisons.
Its being witnessed constantly, when a bacteria becomes spontaneously resistant to an antibiotic for example.
Those firmly conditioned to the preciousness of the art object are resistant.
However, chloroquine-resistant infections are common in some parts of the world.
These drugs need to be used in combination because the virus readily mutates, creating new and often drug-resistant strains.
Good for granite: breathable, abrasion-resistant stretch nylon and an inseam gusset.
And since there is not a lot of resin in their stringy, thick bark, the larger trees are resistant to fire.
Printed on tear-resistant, waterproof material, this map can go anywhere you do.
Add it to a mouse, and the mouse becomes toxin-resistant.
It is oil- and fat-resistant, tough and offers good abrasion and slip resistance.
Aging pipes are often replaced with more earthquake-resistant magnesium-reinforced cast iron.
That's because facial hair is more resistant to cleansing after exposure in a laboratory setting.
They're resistant to wind, salty soils, and salty groundwater.
So while ordinary cells become resistant to chemotherapy drugs following a fast, cancer cells do not.
Gambling, long considered recession-resistant, was one of the first industries to be affected by the latest recession.
What is more, if there were a pandemic it would be only a matter of time before a drug-resistant mutation of the virus emerged.
Conventional gaming has not proved as resistant to the recession as many had expected.
One sector of the economy that supply and demand says should be now inflation resistant is labor.
Green roofs generally use low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants.
Genetic engineering of seeds has meant farmers can plant varieties that are drought-resistant or that can thrive in colder areas.
They're stable and resistant to temperature changes.
Place a tamper-resistant bracket atop the battery coolant reservoir to prevent coolant overfilling.
When it comes to the rise of resistant organisms, topical-antiseptic hand sanitizers seem likely to be part of the problem.
On top of a comfortable fit and offering easy access, this active wear accessory is also water-resistant and hand washable.
Others are insulin resistant and crank out huge levels of insulin to compensate, yet they never develop diabetes.
People bearing the gene are more resistant to malaria than people without it.
They have to be efficient, cost-effective and resistant to interruptions or failure.
The mosquitoes that carry it have become resistant to pesticides, the parasite itself to antimalarial drugs.
For almost any disease some people prove to be genetically more resistant than others.
Second, the team could use the tweaked genetic codes to make living things resistant to viruses.
To top it off, some mosquitoes have started to become resistant to it.
They're ice-resistant, and could be used to coat instruments in polar conditions.
They're resistant to understanding any idea that takes more than a sentence to express.
New studies suggest that some aspects of human personality are inborn and resistant to change.
As you can tell from the name, the vehicles are designed to be resistant to roadside bombs.
Add character with bright, colorful cushions that are weather resistant.
With a common flu type now drug-resistant, researchers race to improve vaccines.
Even famously resistant designers and luxury retailers are putting goods online.
But that was all right because late-life crankiness had by then made us largely resistant to new ideas anyway.
Leaks cost money, but so does making property leak-resistant, so you have to calculate your risks.

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