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The station was designed to withstand a powerful earthquake and also to resist a tsunami.
Control pests and diseases with nonchemical methods or low-toxicity chemicals and by choosing varieties that resist disease.
The world is rarely kind to those who resist its mad course.
Commerce abhors a vacuum, and it appears that this beguiling island cannot indefinitely resist development.
Many of them could resist the suction of even our industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.
Yes, there are those that resist change and others that accept it.
With virtual reality you have a world with many of the qualities of the physical world, but it doesn't resist us.
The authors couldn't resist a little pride in their article abstract, writing.
He therefore who may resist must be allowed to strike.
At length she could no longer resist the desire to hear some news of her lover.
Resist beginnings: it is too late to employ medicine when the evil has grown strong by inveterate habit.
Hardly the bravest among them have the manliness to resist it successfully.
With some notable exceptions, modern civil wars resist the clear categories of interstate wars.
Scriptures have a tendency to exceed the boundaries of orthodoxy and resist closure.
Resist any temptation to standardize and overly regulate higher education in the name of accountability.
Tell a story about my own need to resist the ability to figure out a word's meaning from context.
Resist creating a form letter for multiple publishers, and learn how to tailor your proposal for the right publisher.
Risk averse as they may be, they truly believe it is in their capitalist best interest to resist the use of firearms on site.
Other food plants-squash and papaya, for instance-have been genetically engineered to resist diseases.
Scientists generally resist the temptation to project human emotions on animals.
With hand-carved wooden blocks, a wax resist is applied to the fabric.
Resist the temptation to shoot too much or too soon, or you may miss the decisive moment.
When the bundles are dipped in dye, the wrapped areas resist the color- similar to tie-dye.
The brush fueled fires that imperiled the sequoias-which resist flames at their bases but can die if fire attacks their crowns.
The snails' ability to move depends on water's tendency for its surface to resist disturbance.
It also helps them resist the more destructive initiatives of the oil industry.
Resist the temptation to lean on the walls or touch rock art.
Tropical rain forests usually can resist fire because of their high moisture content.
The idea is not to harm the bears but to teach them to resist the lure of a barbecue's aroma, to avoid people and developed areas.
These next two listings are only free if you can resist taking a chance on the card tables.
Their ability to resist disease and survive in difficult climates is also valuable.
The more precise and unusual the request, the less people were able to resist it.
Companies need to resist the feeling that it is not worth getting out of bed for anything other than a potential blockbuster.
He needs to resist the temptation to elevate some of his dodgier friends to high judicial posts.
With budgets tight, librarians are trying to resist price increases.
The first is represented by regulatory refuseniks who resist more constraints on the press.
He was a disciplined and chiselled prose stylist who could not resist dropping names and arcane terms into his work.
People always resist change, yet sustained growth relies on a continuous shift in resources to more efficient use.
Few of the princes, politicians and strongmen who wield ultimate authority over these firms can resist the urge to meddle.
But the army and perhaps the king would resist his return: indeed it could tip the country back into chaos.
They can't resist seeing what has been said in the forum and contributing.
It also features nylon sides specially coated to resist damage from water.
Scientists have known that nutritionally deprived bacteria are better able to resist the chemical blows dealt by antibiotics.
Both shells are strong, allow for protection, attachment of muscles and resist dissolution in water.
Successful recovering addicts adopt behavioral strategies that allow you to resist or reduce cravings.
Scientists believed that this chevron shape would resist the swaying that could lower image quality.
The findings indicate that stem cells cultivated from adult blood may resist change more strongly than previously thought.
Without it, they can resist the effects of radiation.
But then, because of their elasticity, they will resist separation when stressed.
And please resist the impulse to attribute crackpot theories to what has become a regrettable tragedy.
It's easy to resist temptation in such an environment, and antisocial behavior is relatively rare in such communities.
They are the crowning glory to this dish, so resist any temptation to skip them.
Hearing aids help millions of people, but many resist them because they think wearing one carries a social stigma.
The polymer building blocks are hydrophilic--they easily absorb water and resist interacting with oil.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks who'll resist giving up their internal combustion engines.
So if e-books are going to be stolen, then publishers will resist putting them in digital format.
Predictable and stable industries resist new entrants.
The cables resist stretching to retain lateral stiffness and conserve forward momentum.
No one can resist mussels, not even emotionally stunted ex-fiancées and their new poorly-received-novelist boyfriends.
Prose speeds the eye onwards, while poems resist-and purposely impede- that forward movement.
Instead he wanted to see if he could, after fully achieving his potential, resist the temptation to compete with others.
We can't resist this list of ten great songs based on books.
They do not resist progress, but they do not give it a hand up either.
He is polite and solicitous and makes you feel-even as you try to resist him-that he truly has your interests at heart.
For the sake of their country and the wider global economy, both parties should resist the urge to begin bickering.
Sometimes a potential headline is so sensational that it becomes almost impossible to resist writing an accompanying article.
The fourth step toward recovery is to resist the impulse to find a materialistic explanation for everything.
The townspeople try to boycott the store, but are unable to resist its seductive bargains.
They harshly resist the dismissal of their beliefs by rivals.
Few writers can resist the lure of closure-some form of summing-up or leave-taking.
In order to get expelled, one must resist these calls and stick around for the expulsion process to be completed.
Today tinnitus continues to resist medicine's best efforts, despite being one of the more common medical disorders.
But that doesn't faze one group of scientists who have discovered that rice evolved to to resist floods also resist droughts.
Microbes vanquished for decades are slowly mutating to resist our pharmaceutical defenses.
When insulin concentrations are too low or when our cells resist its action, excess glucose is left floating around in the blood.
Most metals resist stress better than rock, however.
These two lines had reduced ability to resist the antibiotic.
It may start with the big bang but they couldn't resist sticking an ark in there.
It crops up when cells begin to resist absorbing glucose.
We want to believe in the essential, unchanging goodness of people, in their power to resist external pressures.
Western political systems are essentially designed to resist dramatic change, even in the face of major calamity.
But females find some suitors more appealing than others and often resist the advances of less desirable males.
But he couldn't resist the urge to share his story with someone he trusted.
Something in me evidently resists, or wants to resist, joining any good-behavior club that will have me as a member.
It wasn't tested, so you couldn't know if it would resist weather or water.
Given this pairing, the immune system could be charged up to resist the tumor.
When the government makes unrealistic demands, the contractors go along anyway: they are being paid not to resist but to comply.
Normally after a fall or a collision, an animal will take fright and resist anyone who approaches.
Marlene couldn't resist a little bragging of her own.
Both critic and subject resist identification on the sole basis of gender.
Some of those who resist are expelled or killed by hired guns.
Scientists must resist this nationally and internationally.
Throughout, the authors want to show the ability of people to resist and endure: by helping one another and making common cause.
In the first place, resist the temptation to make a virtue of the present tensions.
Their despair at the occupation only grows, as does their determination to resist it.
Most are places with a history, laden with traditions and memories that help individuals resist fragmentation in their lives.
As a disciplined organization the agency does not complain about the one, or long resist the other.
If the car is filled with friends, resist the urge to join the conversation.
Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria change in a way that allows them to resist the action of antibiotics.

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