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Example sentences for resinous

Then the body cavity was emptied, packed with resinous bandages and herbs, and sewn up.
All those resinous plants releasing their aromatic oils in the warm air.
The tallest native cottonwood, with open crown of erect branches and sticky, resinous buds with balsam odor.
They stacked logs in the resinous air, hacking the small limbs off, tying those bundles separately.
He crushed the little green, resinous leaves and held them to my nose.
Right after morning prayers he takes shavings from a block of the resinous drug and smokes them in a water pipe.
It was bubbling perfection: rich, pungent, resinous from the caraway and buttery from the runny cheese.
The jack pine is unique because its resinous cones open and release seeds during a fire or from an intense, hot sun.
The wood is light, soft, resinous and coarse-grained.
It was given to this group of plants because of their pine-scented, resinous sap.
The resinous wood also made good torches and firewood.
The wood is resinous, heavy and often coarse grained.
The specifications have no resinous flooring specification.
Hashish consists of resinous secretions of the cannabis plant.

Famous quotes containing the word resinous

The genius of reading and of gardening are antagonistic, like resinous and vitreous electricity. One is con... more
O singers, resinous and soft your songs Above the sacred whisper of the pines, Give virgin lips to cornfiel... more
Whatever flames upon the night Man's own resinous heart has fed.... more
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