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Example sentences for resiliency

For years we've given affirmative action to affluent white students in the area of resiliency.
Odd as this may sound, it all attests to the resiliency of virtual private servers rather than underscore any fundamental flaws.
And individual firms, he added, have shown great resiliency following previous disasters.
The crisis highlights the team of operators and the resiliency of the machines themselves.
According to researchers who have studied the pattern, its resiliency can be traced to several structural factors.
People have a resiliency when it comes to family and religion.
Such resiliency in internal timing is not seen in more complex single-celled organisms, nor in mammalian nerve cells.
The problem, according to the patent, is that ordinary clay mixtures do not drain well and lose resiliency.
What the article misses is the reason behind the relative resiliency.
The global economy was being run at full throttle, without due attention to resiliency and vulnerability to shocks.
He has demonstrated great resiliency in repeated efforts to move on to new talking points after earlier ones are demolished.
It can also increase their resiliency to subsequent adversity.
Here, doom and decay rub up against resiliency and renewal.
The coming holiday shopping season will be the true test of consumer resiliency.
Bush administration officials have been at odds with military leaders over the strength and resiliency of the insurgency.
The zoo says naming a roach will honor a sweetheart's resourcefulness and resiliency.
The higher disposable-income level for fantasy geeks helps explain the industry's resiliency.
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