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Example sentences for resigned

Since then the king has picked his own prime ministers, the second of whom resigned last month.
The director of drug approval has been named in an ethics investigation and a head medical device regulator has resigned.
He wore his terminal diagnosis with resigned bravado.
Some officers have resigned rather than take the vaccine.
He attempted to work in the merchant marine but resigned because of problems with his eyes.
The chief financial officer resigned at the same time.
Airport authorities already resigned to our presence come over to argue with us against him.
Court officials have resigned amid fierce public feuding, some between locals and foreigners.
The public-works minister resigned rather than terminate the contracts.
The small, bolshy faction the resigned ministers belong to lacks the power to swing any no-confidence vote.
Already this year, he has backed two ministers accused of shady dealings, both of whom subsequently resigned.
Maynard resigned from the company after news of his past was published, but he continued to work for the firm as a contractor.
Kahlo apparently recognized the truth of this observation and resigned herself to the situation.
The flight crew members found responsible resigned shortly after the event.
Grad students have always resigned themselves to relative poverty in anticipation of a cushy, tenured payoff.
She eventually tired of such interference and resigned.
The editor succeeding him was soon told that still more cuts would have to be made, and he resigned too.
Rice resigned from the board six days before becoming national security adviser.
We must not become resigned to living in fear and indifference, with being selfishly concern about our interests only.
He promptly resigned his political posts and went into business.
He is one of several officials who recently resigned from a ministry in disarray.
The head of the electoral commission and four of its members resigned.
Ten members of parliament from the ruling party have resigned.
Six police commanders have resigned, allowing him to appoint a selection of more loyal officers.
He resigned this year, feeling that he had accomplished his task.
She resigned today on her own terms and on her own volition.
However the position interfered with his private law practice and he resigned months later.

Famous quotes containing the word resigned

They were making their way with the resigned expression of those who are condemned to hope forever.... more
In order for the artist to have a world to express he must first be situated in this world, oppressed or oppressing, more
Reading ... is an activity subsequent to writing: more resigned, more civil, more intellectual.... more
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