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He also accepted full personal responsibility, but gave no indication that he planned to resign.
The prime minister fended off opposition demands that he should resign.
But by the end of the day, he had been forced to resign with no severance package.
He has promised to fight his suspension in the courts and refused to resign.
There are now calls, predictably, for him to resign.
There are calls within the party for him to resign if he cannot reach a satisfactory outcome by the end of this month.
Then again, if the story keeps going much longer, he may yet resign.
The commissioner has repeatedly stated he will not resign over the killing.
In sum, the computer industry must abandon threads altogether or resign itself to endure a lot of pain in the years ahead.
But it has also offered volunteers a certain amount of control over their destiny, because they could always resign if they chose.
If you decide to resign, it was for better opportunities.
He therefore did not hesitate a moment to resign, and retire to a monastery.
Two college presidents were forced to resign because of the incidents.
Many faculty members who receive mediocre to negative reviews opt to retire or resign.
In such a situation, you can resign yourself to the fact that there are difficult people in every workplace.
Pressuring somebody enough to make them resign and firing someone are often, as they say, a distinction without a difference.
And if he doesn't, we're sure she will have the good sense to resign.
If the stars are really twinkling, resign yourself to a blurry night for planet watching.
It sounds to me that she has made up her mind to resign, even if the money does come in.
If you have some courage, you will resign your post and then go back and get your degree.
Olson apparently had a severe reaction and left the retreat in an agitated state and later threatened to resign.
Emboldened by the protests, its leaders insist that the president should resign.
Ministers seldom resign promptly, even after scandals unrelated to the bedroom.
His vigorous self-defence may quell speculation that he is about to resign.
Having failed as the firm's chairman, his only contribution to better governance is to resign along with its other top executives.
In the space of three months one government had been sacked and another forced to resign.
At first, the lawyer tried to resign himself to solitude.
It is more the tradition in other political cultures to resign or to make a gesture of real principle.
Awareness programs have been launched, studies have been conducted, bishops have been obliged to resign.
At gunpoint, they forced the mayor and his board of aldermen to resign, and installed their own government.
If the political authority decided to go ahead despite such advice, its military advisers would have to comply-or resign.
On condition that he resign his commission she agreed to marry him.
The only way to escape is to resign both dignity and honor.
Other top executives in half a dozen companies have been forced to resign.
He said that he would understand if anyone wanted to resign.
Hadley offered to resign, but the president refused.
Even if indicted, he would face no legal obligation to resign.
Under the judgment, the trustees were ordered to resign their positions with the plans.
Appellant voluntarily and willfully decided to resign.
Employees who resign and give less than two weeks notice will leave in bad standing.
Fifth, the resign-to-run amendment ensures loyalty of public servants to their electorate.

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