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Perc residue also remains on clothes after they are cleaned.
Gut rest for a couple days, liquid or low residue diet along with whatever antibiotics you're currently prescribed.
Clean residue before it cures, with alcohol or acetone.
The team found that the top and bottom sections of the core were clear of petroleum residue.
Behavioral residue is the residue of our actions, and our actions are the meat of everyday personality.
Paper money is almost always tainted with drug residue.
It leaves waxy residue that can either be skimmed from the surface or sink to the bottom of the ocean.
It's nothing overt nor mean-spirited, simply the remaining residue of a different time.
From the residue of mining to untreated sewage, the world is grappling with a host of environmental problems.
If you don't see any suds right away, turn off the machine and see if there is any soapy residue.
Then it turned, and the soupy detritus was sucked out to the sea-leaving only a uniform residue of crushed pieces.
During their tests, honeybees swarmed areas where explosive residue was present.
By also burning the residue from the paper making, you would actually require no extra energy input.
Eventually, the whole thing develops a gray residue.
Unidentified aerial phenomena offer a lesson on the residue problem in science.
Toxic residue left on furniture, clothing, and hair by cigarette smoke.
He hopes that testing of the knives will reveal residue that could indicate what the ancient people ate.
The condensation on the faucet will catch a dark residue.
The dumped water has an oily residue that destroys the insulating properties of penguin feathers.
They are non-ionizing waves and do not leave a residue.
Natural oils from your skin can leave residue that may affect your final print.
Many of the mirrors will have white powder residue on them.
Pay no attention to the residue of cooking oil, food particles, and chemicals from your cosmetics and toothpastes.
The rubbing alcohol could react with the residue of the previous cleaning solution.
Coffee oil residue produces that familiar rancid tang, so rinse the machine thoroughly with hot water after each use.
Over time, residue from laundry detergents and fabric softeners may cling to the inside of the washer.
He said propane is better than gasoline for an engine because it lacks as many impurities and doesn't cause engine residue.
You'll also cut down on oil changes because you get less residue.
Water-based fog machines generate dense billows without the odor and greasy residue of oil-based smokers.
Roundup itself breaks down quickly, leaving no toxic residue.
The dirt would fill existing disposal ponds of uranium tailings, residue from processing.
Previously, they had said the residue was not visible when the reactor was inspected last year.
Throughout, in fact, the residue of the war's fraternal horror is the grave thematic substratum beneath capers and mystifications.
Remove the papery outer husks when you're ready to use the fruit, and rinse off the sticky residue.
For the residue acknowledge it for the head city, because there is the council house.
And they went and told it unto the residue: neither believed they them.
The residue they distribute and give freely among them, whose help they had in the same war.
Removing the residual water leaves behind a residue of hydrate powder.
Use hot water and either baking soda or low-residue soap.
They used acetic acid to dissolve the limestone, which leaves behind a residue of fossils preserved by calcium phosphate minerals.
Cleaning the pot with soap and water while the lotion is still warm is much easier than scrubbing the cooled residue away.
Rinse your face with water again and pat dry with a towel to remove the residue.
And in modern psychiatric parlance, the long-lasting residue of horror is called post-traumatic stress disorder.
Once the water evaporates, lithium carbonate is extracted from the residue.
These particles promptly smashed into and annihilated one another, leaving behind a small residue of matter and a lot of energy.
Instead, his experiment yielded an inky dark residue.
Of course the lack of explosive residue on the bodies undercuts a bomb theory.
Thus, the residue positions differing between frog and fish are mostly also different between human and fish.
As a result of re-injection, the company will not be left with the residue from traditional lithium mining.
It is a mist that fills the room and sterilizes everything without toxic residue.
Once inside, the volatile oxygen molecule reacts with carpets, chemical cleaner residue and human skin.
Also, the residue after distilling off the alcohol might create a huge disposal problem.
In the second and third photographs, you can clearly see residue of the red ochre on the abalone shells.
If necessary, dip crabs in cooking liquid to remove any external residue, then transfer to another large platter.
Better yet, thanks to its air-release technology, you can remove the cover without leaving behind any sticky residue.
Press with the back of a spoon until only the coarse residue remains.
Today's commercial buttermilk is not the residue of butter-making of any sort but simply cultured skim or lowfat milk.
With a teaspoon, spoon the clear clarified butter off onto the potatoes, leaving the milky residue in the bottom of the pot.
After the water was finally pumped out, a film of toxic residue coated the ward for months.
When it rains or you spray the windows with a hose, the remaining residue is supposed to wash away without streaking.
Most of the contact, said the scientists, came from pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables.

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