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For housing to threaten recovery, residential investment would need to fall substantially from that level.
Numerous brands of wind turbines as well as kits and plans for home-built turbines are available for residential use.
Residential areas and light commercial are not the big draw on power.
Hopefully it won't be long before more people come to realize that wood burning fire pits have no place in residential areas.
The firm is aiming at the commercial market, avoiding the coming residential bulb bloodbath.
The model of small residential colleges in small towns is probably not sustainable at this time.
Such installations can be small for residential use or large-scale operations that can power industry.
Today, distributed residential demand response exists in rudimentary forms.
He became certified in residential construction while working as a structural engineer in a homebuilding firm.
Historically, towers included retail on the lower levels and either residential or commercial space above.
Each described the report as an antidote to skepticism about the benefits of the residential model in an age of online learning.
But even these economists would concede that property markets, both residential and commercial, are inefficient.
These are mainly residential streets to the left, but you never know what little gem you might find.
And, as a bonus, you don t get people cutting through residential neighborhoods to avoid the backups.
They also do interior and exterior residential landscape design and installation.
The building provides both academic and residential space.
List the things you can do to prevent residential pollution.
It's how cars usually get off the street into a parking lot or residential driveway.
But he's also worked on many smaller-scale residential projects that are water-wise and beautiful.
There are a lot of commercial activities that urban areas might reasonably want to zone out of residential areas.
Most of it is used for industrial boilers and residential space heating.
As a result, tighter lending standards have not had the dramatic consequences that they have had in the residential sector.
Note in other crises, residential real estate was not necessarily a focus of the bubble.
Bad weather early in the year dampened consumer activity and residential investment.
Exports continued to fall while domestic residential investment also dropped, contributing to the pinch.
One of the main ways monetary policy typically works is through the residential investment channel.
But the slump in residential construction will take time to fix.
The pace of foreclosures has not abated, and there has been no improvement in employment in residential construction.
We've helped create two high-design demonstration homes to show how the latest residential innovations play out.
Thank you to those generous souls in the nearby residential area who have not secured their wireless systems.
Agriculture is still extensive in some areas, and the development of ski resorts and residential areas is a growing problem.
The pods may have a future in a range of residential and commercial projects.
For residential consumers, the department says, this will matter little.
Freeways, office complexes, and residential neighborhoods surround the gorge.
Steep-sloped roofs are generally found on residential homes.
And the effects of a housing slowdown would ripple further, slowing residential investment and hitting employment.
Since people are living longer but not necessarily healthier lives, demand for residential care will keep increasing.
The new report only looked at emissions from transportation and residential energy usage.
It is wood smoke from residential and recreational wood burning.
Wind and solar have there small residential use, but will never be able to support our energy needs.
Consumption figures also exclude spending on residential housing.
The housing bubble has burst and residential construction has seized up.
Their was vehicles driving by on the street in a residential area, but it didn't seem to be bothered.
Should his health deteriorate to the point where he can no longer make a cup of tea, he will be encouraged into residential care.
Even in some residential neighborhoods that are partly occupied, things are quiet.
On their third attempt to build their political, religious and residential center, they settled on this patch of coral flats.
The residential area has a sprinkling of industrial complexes.
He drives in circles through a residential neighborhood.
Faculty, however, did not have residential responsibilities.
Not every student is fresh out of high school and can set aside four years of residential study.
Common residential applications for solar lights include outdoor garden, patio and pathway lighting.
The trouble is that many of the newcomers are moving to residential ghettos with miserable economic prospects.
The standard package includes motor vehicle fuels, electricity, and gas for residential uses.
The growth boundary and other regulations have already tightened residential development.
In many residential suburbs, too, the buildings do a poor job of defining space.
The residential real estate market's problems continue.
She no longer worked for the museum, but still lived in its residential zone.
We are a group of volunteers and starting a new strategy in our residential area.
The majority goes into residential and commercial heating and electric power generation.
Today it can take ten years or more to break ground on a new residential subdivision.
Thus far, tax-exempt funds have largely ignored residential real estate.
But now downtown is extremely diverse, with lots of residential mixed with restaurants, galleries and high-end retail.
The school is mainly residential so social activity is strongly focused on campus.
Total investment is unlikely to collapse while investment in infrastructure and residential construction remains firm.
They patrol residential districts and guard public buildings.
Second, the overbuilt housing sector has led to a reduction in residential construction.
The lingering tax privileges of residential property could also go.
Residential foreclosure sales during that period are included.
While residential installations show steady growth, commercial ones are posting the strongest gains.
The island's new residential and entertainment district is all about excess.
And no one has asked the mayor to support a trucking or paving contract or questionable residential developments.

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