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Example sentences for residency

After college and four years of veterinary school, typically you do a one-year internship and then a three-year residency.
Water vapor has a residency time of less than two weeks in the atmosphere.
Water vapor reacts almost instantly to temperature changes and has an atmospheric residency of less than two weeks.
Two years ago, he was granted full residency status.
When she interviewed with residency programs, a letter or card thanking the program for an interview was mandatory.
Students must complete a five-day residency on the island before receiving their diplomas.
If he's going into a pediatrics residency, get him a small brightly-colored fuzzy animal that can be clipped to his stethoscope.
Emmet is forced to quit his newly acquired residency to join in what will in all likelihood be a dead-end search for his father.
After a few years, if your employer sponsors you, this can be converted into permanent residency.
The same can be said of medical residency programs or law school.
If the business works out, they can get green cards and permanent residency.
But she was not the only one in the residency saga with complicated ties.
Whether to do a pharmacy residency is perhaps the biggest decision you'll make in shaping your future career.
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