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There's usually some friendly banter if the customs official has been near my birthplace or place of residence.
Residence time is the amount of time a water molecule spends in one place in the water cycle.
While physical presence is preferred, candidates interested in telecommuting from their place of residence are welcome to apply.
She said she was never told that her place of residence would be a factor in the tenure decision.
In theory, the landlord gets control of a rent-controlled apartment once its occupant establishes a primary residence elsewhere.
Along with existing residence halls, the two new three-story buildings create a quad anchoring the northeast corner of the campus.
Governments and universities everywhere should compete to attract qualified students, regardless of nationality or residence.
The new owners will have the option to take over the lease, but they won't move the system to a new residence.
Please remember to include your full name and city and state of residence.
Water wasn't as plentiful then, plus people usually spent only a few weeks in residence.
He can't get cell-phone coverage at his current residence.
So far one residence has been sold and another is under contract.
The next step is to figure out what to do with the antibiotics after they take up residence in the plant tissue.
Full name, city and state of residence are required.
Five years ago there were only two planes in residence.
Crab lice can take up residence in the eyelashes, where they produce a crusty deposit and red, itchy eyes.
He played on for another three holes and arrived back at his official residence some three hours later.
In my county of residence there have been four count em four, two in one incident, human fatalities in the last decade.
And highly qualified workers still do not get permanent residence permits.
They receive health and other benefits, but only for the period they are in residence.
It has good links with local business through a business partnership programme, guest speakers and executives in residence.
The answer is to use them on site at the business or residence.
The two graduate students rented rooms in the off-campus residence.
They live in a mix of traditional residence halls and newer two-story townhouses, suites, and apartment complexes.
And its obscenely catchy songs take up permanent residence in the back of your mind.
The agency does not report separately the residence of students enrolled online-only.
After three months of renovation, the two moved in, bringing furnishings and art from their previous residence.
To let: bijou residence, airy and well-ventilated, patio garden.
He was found guilty earlier this year of listing his main residence wrongly, and making unwarranted claims for travel.
They wrecked a university residence, trapping many students inside.
The other part is a new method of granting residence permits, carrying the right to work.
One such, allegedly, was sited at an out-of-town presidential residence.
But depending on the migrant workers' country of residence, the cost of sending money home varies significantly.
Studio flats meant for artists-in-residence get snapped up by bankers.
At the end of it all, they have only temporary and limited residence privileges.
But many students had refused to leave the residence halls, some because they had nowhere else to go.
First-year students have three new residence halls, with a mix of single rooms and suites.
Visiting faculty members are generally in residence and are expected to participate in the full range of faculty activities.
Seven years' residence is the theoretic period for a master's degree.
On their part the tenants were greatly delighted with their new residence.
It is a long, winter residence, roofed over tight and boarded up at the sides.
Installing similar electrical service in every residence would be prohibitively expensive.
He became a keen listener and observer, taking up residence in his imagination.
The once-grand residence has been divided into six apartments, and is home to twenty people.
When enough beetles take up residence, the host tree is overwhelmed and dies.
Unless someone possesses the cash necessary to buy a residence, he or she will be renting one way or another.
Areas outside floodplains are often already developed or protected, limiting residence choices.
The local residence of the bands made barracks unnecessary.
The president quickened his pace through the hallway until he reached the residence.
Legal residence for the purpose of voting can only be gained originally by actual physical presence within the county.
The residence address is the actual address at which you reside.
Its host was able to reproduce, and one of its descendants took up residence inside the cell of a eukaryote.
One of them is a rental and the other is our primary residence.
These parasitic caterpillars take up residence in the nests of red ants.

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