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The only way to get rich was to live in town, and to reside in the country was to be bound to interminable poverty.
Refrigerated cases line one wall, shelves of domestic beers are opposite and imports reside in the back.
Online instructors can reside anywhere in the country.
The existence of dark energy shows that space does not reside in the lowest of these phases.
Older stars reside in the bulge at the center of the galactic disk.
Currently, six astronauts reside on the space station.
Ah, you poor schmucks forced to reside in snowy climes.
Risk capital will reside outside the banking system, in hedge funds and private-equity firms, much more than before.
Toadfish tend to reside in still, shallow water and bury themselves in the sandy bottom.
The secret appears to reside in how the brain organizes its slow-acting electrical components.
Inside is hot, still, and stuffy with that peculiar dust that seems to reside in old maroon mohair living room suites.
Any alternative explanation of moon formation will have to account for all the water now known to reside inside the moon.
But this is where pesticide residues reside as well, so seek out organic potatoes.
Holes in cabbage leaves indicate that one or more of these pests probably reside in your garden.
Main-belt comets reside in the asteroid belt but feature cometlike tails thought to arise from sublimating ice.
Some of the fastest-twitching muscles in the world reside in the two-chambered swim bladder of toadfish.
They have erected a house, but it is scarcely comfortable, and their families reside in the city.
For example, not all wisdom resides left of center, nor does all wisdom reside right of center.
Their heart has to pump more blood to pick up and deliver oxygen from their lungs to body tissues where cells reside.
And yes, mental illness is all in ones head, where else would it reside.
It's difficult to define, difficult to measure, and certainly difficult to predict where it will reside.
The root of migraine may reside in brain stem malfunctioning.
Then there's the place where the data carried over those networks will reside.
Another obstacle to your goal might reside in the membership of the senate itself.
Online education offers students the opportunity to have the best faculty in the world, regardless of where they reside.
He was so proud of his family, in whose hearts he will reside forever.
These are only text and image based files and no packets reside within them.
Yet the central problem may reside with the piece itself.
Smallpox could be eradicated because its virus, lacking ability to reside virtually anywhere other than in humans, couldn't hide.
They're an important part of every ecosystem in which they reside.
Cells that recognize these flavors reside in taste buds located on the tongue and the roof of the mouth.
The only real difference is that these worlds reside deeper in the orbital hierarchy.
He knows that few researchers will find his father's papers if they reside only on his web page.
Today, less than half as many reside there in a handful of ruins on dry land.
They reside in the state of knowledge, judgment, and opinion of those who sit in the seat of authority.
Journalism ethics reside in publications and more broadly within the idea of the fourth estate.
When servers are not busy, they should stand up straight and reside quietly in their sections.
For now, the benefits of a plug-in and all-electric vehicle fleet reside largely in the realm of theory.
There is an extraordinary amount of bacteria, virus particles, etc that reside inside them.
Each muscle is controlled by motor neurons that reside in the brain in the frontal lobe.
The algae reside with and provide the corals with nutrients.
But they test only about a million genetic markers out of the six billion nucleotides that reside inside human cells.
Blood or hematopoietic stem cells reside in the bone marrow and are responsible for replenishing blood and immune-system cells.
Much of its radicalism seemed to reside in its refusal to be defined.
His writerly gifts are large, but they particularly reside in what might be called the diagnostic.
Whilst people lose their jobs and homes they reside in an unreal world ignorant of the realities of life.
And, at risk of stating the obvious, it should be remembered that in this patient reside the hopes and fears of all of us.
Inflation doesn't necessarily reside in prices of consumer goods.
And of course predators in business do not reside exclusively with gambling.
Our experts are on a mission to find out where memories reside in the brain by examining every millimeter for clues.
Today his suits reside in an office closet, and he cycles to work in jeans and a polo shirt.
The building's best features reside in the interior, along the carefully calibrated approach to the tomblike altar.
By law these students would normally reside in the school district where the charter school is located.

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