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Example sentences for reshape

When the dune dries in a day or so, the wind will begin to reshape it once again.
Reshape the rest of the dough into a round loaf and top with the bone shapes.
Ask the students if they can reshape the clay so that it floats.
No modern epidemic is likely to reshape social and economic systems in the manner of premodern plagues.
Still, not all attempts to reshape the map are driven by sinister motives.
Reshape if necessary and transfer to a baking sheet.
Fold a few times to incorporate, then reshape into a ball and return to lightly floured bowl.
Disruptive technologies reshape industries, creating new winners and losers.
The ability to monitor changes in the levels of circulating tumor cells might also reshape physicians' view of cancer.
But they were aware that there was an algorithm out there awaiting their input to reshape itself to their desires.
Both startups plan to use the diamond jewelry business to finance their attempt to reshape the semiconducting world.
We underestimate the power of our tools to reshape our minds.
But their technology has matured so much that it is ready to reshape the multi-billion dollar genetics market.
Other mergers and selective disposals of non-core units have helped big paper firms to reshape their operations.
It transformed the lives of millions and also helped reshape the role of medicine in reproduction.
It suggests an executive committee with the power to reshape the panel's plans and respond to criticism.
Sometimes, out of conviction, politicians decide to help companies reshape the world for private profit.
He wants to reshape the one-sixth of the economy that is health care.
Shrinking the state in this way would be a heavy enough burden for any government, but the coalition is also trying to reshape it.
The idea is to take a single format and reshape it for each country to give it a local feel.
Established operators in rich countries are responding by trying to reshape their businesses.
Meanwhile, the evidence that this progress will bring political demands that will reshape the developing world is mounting.
Western countries cannot simply parachute into these parts of the world and reshape the political landscape.
Gone are the days when they boldly proclaimed they wanted to reshape the world.
But there's also a different game underway, one that is beginning to reshape when, where and how fans experience pro football.
Augmented reality has potential to reshape our lives.
Revalue and reshape the traditional undergraduate experience.
Reshape the bag into a roll and drop in an immersion circulator.

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